For Your Consideration: The Chameleon’s Rise

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There is a Presidential candidate on the Republican ticket that has been confounding the Establishment from the very beginning of the Presidential campaign, but almost all of the pundits have been reading this candidate’s rise to his current position incorrectly.
There is a perspective that might explain this candidate’s phenomenal rise on the Republican ticket; this article will attempt to put this candidate’s popularity in its proper perspective.
Let’s get the obvious points out of the way in the beginning, this candidate is a excellent salesman, who knows how to make use of all the aspects of the environment that he has to function in to attain his objective, and is flexible enough to make quick adjustments when the results don’t give him the results that would obtain his objective.
He has a good understanding of the three basic environments that he has to manipulate to attain his goal, these three environments are: the Establishment media, the overall dissatisfaction with both Establishment political parties, and the third is his understanding that the current psychological environment would give him the opportunity to achieve his ambitions, which is enhanced by the Establishment’s inability to recognize the electorates’ dissatisfaction with the governing Establishment.
Now we can look at the political environment in a rational way, and discount some of the rhetoric that the chameleon has been attributing to his entrance into the political arena. The electorates’ dissatisfaction with both political parties has been growing for some time, it has become very pronounced over the past ten years, this can be seen by the growth of Independents, and the loss of numbers in the two primary Establishment political parties, both of which have abandoned their core base.
One should not be surprised to see the electorate to come out and support a candidate that is considered to be outside the Establishment, it’s not necessarily a fact that the chameleon is the candidate that will satisfy the concerns of the electorates, but this candidate knows how to emphasize some of the elements’ concerns, but his connection is made by using generalized emotive nebulous talking points that are repeated frequently, which will enable him to employ his chameleon abilities in future presentations. The very nature of his presentations allow for adjustments in his sales pitch; however, in the interim he has been collecting information from other candidates that appear to be resonating with the electorate, but the question remains, does he plan to initiate the solutions that he has come up with. Some of his proposals appear to be outlandish, and may be impossible to implement without using tactics that would be unconstitutional, but most of the candidates have suggested actions that would be considered unconstitutional too.
The chameleon presents a problem, because one does not know where his change is finally going to end up, in some areas of interaction this trait could serve the country well, but in other areas it might leave a big question mark for the electorate, but the electorate would be hard-pressed to find any difference in the chameleon and most of our elected officials. If the electorate has paid any attention to the current slate of candidates they would have noted that every one of them has, at one time of another, given contradictory statements, even the chameleon with his generalized nebulous emotive sound bites has managed to make a big contradictory statement.
There is a ton of work that needs to be done to get our country back on track, and it would be a big mistake to think that any Presidential candidate could make the needed corrections, even in two terns. The electorate will have to learn to send a clear message to our political leaders when they fail to fulfill their promises, and that message should be that they will not get another term. This evaluation of our elected officials needs to be fair, in that one should not expect the politician to accomplish the task, but that he/she has done all that can be done by one person to move others to correct a given problem, and not cast any votes in favor of something that does not move legislation in a direction that lends support to his/her stated goal.  If you failed to vote in this past election, you are part of the problem.


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