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The lack of understanding of the basic principles of the Nation’s Constitution is causing a rapid shift in our culture that is leading to a hierarchical  dictatorial class, our society was designed to be free of classes, where an individual could move vertically in either direction in a wide range of categories, as a result of their ability and desire to achieve a goal.  
The opportunity to achieve that goal was what many considered to be the “American Dream”, at some point the concept became distorted to mean the acquisition of wealth, power, material possessions, and a higher educational level, but not every person considers these goals their prime objective, even if some portion of these items were essential to acquire the individual’s main objective.
The Establishment has managed to induce large portions of our population into accepting its concept of the “American Dream”, which has enabled it to tie attribute to those positions that may not be attributable to the acquisitions of these qualities, one needs to evaluate how the acquisition of these qualities were achieved.  Wealth can be attained by hard work, thoughtful investments, and frugal use of the capital that has been acquired, or by using practices that are not quite honest, or even illegal to acquire the Establishment’s version of the “American Dream”, but we seldom consider the means of their acquisition when applying the ancillary attributes.
The same can be said for the other attributes that receive attention in the concept; the “Peter Principle” is a prime example of holding a position of authority in most bureaucratic institutions, especially in government.
Our culture is making a mistake in buying into the concept presented by the Establishment to the populous, individuals are not one dimensional, and if we fail to realize this fact our culture will become stagnated, the Establishment should not be allowed to pigeon hole the individual into a set position, or one of its created classes.  
The hierarchical structures in the governing institutions, in the public and private sectors, are suggesting that they are the people that are most qualified to determine what is good for the populous, but in reality it’s the preservation of their positions that they are concerned about, the thought of what is best for the Nation, and the freedom of the individual to freely move vertically or horizontally through the various levels of the multitude of groupings never enters their mind. The state of our nation can be laid at the feet of the Establishment’s faulty thinking, and the only thing that is going to correct this condition is for the electorate to come to the realization that it’s being manipulated by its leaders at all levels of the Establishment’s network.
Breaking up the hold that the Establishment has on our culture, is not for the faint of heart, it cannot be accomplished in one or two generations, but it can be done if the electorate is educated in logic and critical thinking, along with a determination to get back to our roots.
The Establishment will continue to ply the populace with gifts and promises that are enticing, but the electorate will have the ability to look beyond these offerings, to the unintended consequences, such as the growth of government, increases in taxes, and the reduction of services and quality.
The conditions that we are experiencing now are all the result of the Establishment’s hunger for more power, and your discretionary spending continues to decline, your wages are held in place, the dollar is depreciating, and the national debt continues to climb, but the Establishment appears to be impervious to the problems that it’s creating. If we continue to drink the cool-aid it will mean the death of our Nation as envisioned by our Founders.
All one has to do is look at, just about, every other nation around the world that is following this format to see what will become of a once great nation.
Yes, the statement is indicating that we were great, stop deluding yourself that our position isn’t dropping rapidly on the world stage, thanks to the Establishment, or the Ruling Class, take your choice.


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