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Thanks to one of the candidates’ lack of understanding of how the process of selecting delegates works, the voter is getting a better understanding of how the Presidential candidate is selected, and the picture that is beginning to reveal itself is not very pretty.
The electorate can stop blaming themselves when they fail to vote, the primary elections are manipulated by the two major political parties, a fact that the politicians have been able to hide from the electorate for ages.
The system might have had some validity when the Nation was first formed, but there have been major changes in population, number of states, transmission of election results, and opportunities to manipulate the outcome of states that had not cast their votes yet. There was a change in the early1900’s away from the caucus format to a primary voting format, neither of which reflect the electorate’s position.
The changes sited have enabled the Establishment to thwart the electorates’ intent to change things that they disagree with, and ensure that the political parties maintain their power and position, a clear indication that the individual’s freedom is not the major concern with either political party, it’s all about the parties maintaining their fiefdom.
The electorate now has one more factor to consider related to being manipulated by the Establishment, and this will continue to be the case unless we can get back to the intent of our Constitution, if we fail we will end up with a full blown dictatorship in the near future.
The insidious structure and purpose of the delegate selection system is blatantly obvious once the structure is analyzed, and exposed. Every state has a different system, and each of the parties within the states has its own system, but the systems are designed to maximize control of the outcome for the party in that state, this aspect shows the continuity of the Establishment at all levels of government. The two basic methods of selecting delegates from within states can change their rules from one Presidential election to the next.
One could get lost in the minutiae,  leaving the individual in a state of confusion, the electorate needs to bypass all that information, and drill down into the core of the subject to see the real purpose behind these structures, which is the continuation of the Establishment’s power and the protection of the current system.
This subject is receiving more attention than it has in the past, when it was mentioned and then passed over, as if there was nothing to see here, but not this time, all the warts are being brought out into the open, with more of the electorate becoming frustrated with their government, but this problem does not belong at the Federal level alone, because that’s not where the rules are made-up, that’s not to say that the states are not receiving any guidance from their parties at the national level. This subject is going to draw more attention to itself during this Presidential campaign, in both political parties, this is an opportunity to view the Establishment machine in action, it will not be a pretty sight, but the electorate will no longer be able to deny the fact that they are being manipulate, unless they are totally clueless.
It would appear that our culture is in an excellent position to experience a major cultural shift, and if we are not prepared to act with a firm resolve in support of the basic principles in the Nation’s Constitution, we will end up with a dictatorship. This may sound like an ominous warning, but if one were to take into consideration all the points of conflict in the culture today, the concern may not be that farfetched; the next two and a half years will confirm or refute this prediction.


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