For Your Consideration: The Electorates’ Dissidence

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It would appear that the individual electorate is conflicted when it comes to evaluating their political representatives, the problem may rest with a poorly designed paradigm for evaluating their representatives. It might be instructive to review some of the methods that are used by the electorate to select a representative.
One of the prime methods used to select a representative is their party affiliation, this method is of little value, for a number of reasons: representatives don’t reflect the party’s position on all issues, a potential candidate may select a party that appears to be dominate in the area he is looking to serve in, and the electorates perception on the aims of the party may be distorted as a result of changes over time that has not registered with the voter, this last point is extremely important because the Gestalt image of a party changes over time, to illustrate this point, all one needs to do is look at either the Democratic or Republican Party of fifty years ago, and the positions they hold today.
Another disconnect enters the picture when the voter shows a strong aversion for both political parties, or the government in general, but the same position is not held for their representative. There are a number of factors related to this inconsistency, the major factor is that their representative brings home the bacon, but the electorate seldom looks at the unintended consequences of this gift, which is often not a need, but a want. Many of these so-called gifts create an expansion in government, and consequently an increase in taxes at the local level, which happens to be one of the main concerns of the electorate.
There is also a tendency to concentrate on the bacon when it comes time to re-elect the representative, and to ignore the destructive votes for a Bill that he/she may have supported away from the public’s attention.
Our culture is increasingly looking to the government to resolve problems, but the government is continually proving that it cannot address a problem in a timely and cost effective manner, and it’s never held responsible for its inability to perform, the private sector should compete for many of the functions that the government is providing, but this course of action would require our representatives to construct a system that would remove any kickbacks or cronyism, and hold the bidder responsible for meeting all specifications.
All three Branches of our government have continually distorted the intent of the Nation’s Constitution, this action by our elected officials is intentional, it’s designed to increase the power of the government and decrease the power of the individual, this fact has been made abundantly clear with the process that is employed to elect a candidate during the primary. Our system needs an overhaul, but it’s going to take a considerable amount of work to come up with something that is fair, and will reflect the intent of the Founders, no small task.
For those citizens that believe in the basic principles embedded in the Nation’s Constitution, you will have to take up the standard and develop systems that will guide, or aid the citizenry to take actions that will reestablish the principles in our Constitution, this is not something that we can expect any help from the government or the Establishment. This undertaking will require approaching the problem from a number of different areas, and pointing out the misinformation that is presented to the electorate daily, this can be accomplished by an individual, or groups of individuals, not to gain power for any group, but to place the power back into the hands of the individual, as prescribed by the Constitution.


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