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The cat’s out of the bag, and it’s clear that the electorate has been living under the illusion that the individual’s vote is important and matters, but recent events have shown that this is not the case.  All the various institutions of the Establishment are doing their best to divert the electorates’ attention away from the reality that can no longer be ignored. This exposure would never have been revealed had we not had a Presidential candidate that was under the assumption that it was the raw vote count that determined the outcome of the election. It’s now clear that the two primary Establishment political parties have developed rules that determine the selection within their groups, and they are aided by the other Establishment institutions in this pursuit.
The Establishment has metastasized throughout almost every institution in our culture, and there is no way for the individual to regain power with the existing parties. All the evidence would indicate that there is a large portion of the population that is strongly opposed to the governance that they are receiving. It would appear that there is a need for an Anti-Establishment party, if there is any hope of reestablishing the basic principles of the Nation’s Constitution. The task that this new party would have, is to set up a primary system that would reflect the electorates’ selection, but also ensured that candidates  for the Presidency reflected positions that were aligned with the Constitution’s basic principles, and the only changes that would be made from one primary to the next would be changes to ensure that candidates are presenting positions that will put the power back into the hands of the individual, and conducted in a style that reflected the values expressed in the Constitution.
This new party would have to develop a new system that would be radically different than the systems the Establishment Parties are employing, because there would have to be a consistency throughout the states to reflect something akin to the General election, and the voting would be open to all voters, as it is in the General Election, this would allow the electorate to select a candidate that is not part of the Establishment, but by its very nature it would not be a Party that is looking to gain power, but is showing that its intent is to free the individual from the abusive power of the Establishment Parties.
This new Party would have four years to organize and establish itself, but if it’s going to be effective it will have to start its work now, and put a lot of thought into how it’s going to function, it should also employ an educational format to show the benefits of  its positions as opposed to those of the Establishment Parties.
Every arm of the Establishment will turn on the new party, so it had better be prepared to defend itself and point out the manipulative tactics that are being employed by the Establishment. There is one strong positive point, there are large numbers of voters in all the Establishment Parties that are dissatisfied with their parties, and they will have an opportunity to make a selection outside of the Establishment.
The first item that needs to be addressed is a clearing house for the recommendations for this new non-party party, and this is an important point to remember when making recommendations for its structure.
There are too many aspects to cover in this article, so the reader will have to stay tuned for future suggestions, but there is no need to wait for more input from this source, citizens that find this option acceptable should start to generate suggestion that will enhance the effectiveness of this approach.


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