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There is little chance that any of the current political parties can be reformed enough to bring them in line with the principles of the Constitution, and theoretically that is what our Constitution calls for, and it’s suppose to be what we are continually saying we should be following, and yet none of the three Branches of government, or our political parties comply with it, except when one of the established political parties find it to their benefit. The only answer to this crisis is to establish a Constitutional party that can correct the problems that the Presidential election creates with its Primary election.
Consider what makes the Primary election so contentious, it’s the fact that each state has its own rules for determining the parties candidate, and those rules vary with each party, the reason for this is because this is the only time that the individual states’ sovereignty needs to be taken into consideration, but this can be corrected if each state views itself as a part of the whole, which is what the United States is, a union.
Now think of what happens during a General election when representatives for the House and Senate in the state are chosen, or for the state’s representatives to the Federal government, there’s not a great deal of controversy over the selection method, except for the gerrymandering that goes on by the political party in power.
Now consider treating states in the same fashion as states treat their counties, this would eliminate many of the distortions that we are experiencing, because the fifty states, the District of Columbia (D.C.), and the three or four protectorates would all be operating under the same rules of the Constitutional party. This system would allot each candidate the proportion of delegates that they received in the raw vote, but they would not be declared the winner until all the results were in from all fifty states, D.C., and the protectorates.   
Since the party would be open to all parties as in a General election that would give the electorate an opportunity to elect a candidate that would stand up for a representative that is not for the party, but for the rights of the individual. This system would be unlike any other system currently employed by our political parties, but it’s likely to receive a positive reception by the general public, when the kinks are worked out of it.
This new Party would have to devise a system to eliminate candidates that did not represent the principles or platform of the Party, in much the same way as the Establishment parties function, but that elimination would be as a result of a candidate’s failure to comply with the parties principles, except for the Republican Party, it goes against candidates that stand for its platform, these conditions would be presented upfront at the outset of the Primary election. Think of the draw this new Party would have, given the dissatisfaction of a large portion of the electorate, and the loss of power that the Establishment would experience as a result of the transference of their members. The Establishment would still have its special interests, big business donors, the media, and the Establishment institutions behind it, but with a Party’s good educational system to correct the manipulative tactics, this new party could eventually eliminate the Establishments power and free the individual from the yoke of the Establishment.
It’s time to stop the Establishment from taking the U.S. of A. any further to the Left than it already has, where our country accepts a Socialist as a viable candidate, and going as far as suggesting that even a Communist would be an acceptable alternative, all of which are antithetical to our Constitution, have we lost our mind, or are we totally clueless as to the protections that our Constitution affords us. It’s almost unbelievable that this nation would be willing to give up what we have for the systems that the rest of the world is following, which appears to be a One World Government, under the dictatorship of the United Nations, do we really want that?


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