For Your Consideration: The Tail’s Wagging the Dog

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The electorate’s attention is continually being misdirected, which is allowing the Regressive Establishment to continue their efforts to disrupt any endeavor to establish a unified assimilated culture, and to take the electorate’s attention away from many of the problems that are weakening many of the nation’s core structural institutions. All these actions by the Regressive Establishment will contribute to the President’s goal of “Fundamentally Transforming” the nation, it’s clear these tactics are proving to be effective, thanks in part to the Establishment Republican Party, that continually fails to mount any resistance to the Regressives’ goal.  These tactics are also effective because the majority of the Establishment media is in the Regressive camp, which slants the information presented to the general public to enhance the position of the Regressive Establishment, and any weak attempt by Establishment Republicans to refute the Regressive position is negated by the Regressive media.
The Establishment media, for the most part, is currently the major source of information for the general public, and it continually portrays its position as being the position of the general public, but when one considers the discontent of the electorate towards both Establishment political parties it becomes clear that this is not the case.  
A concentrated effort by the unsatisfied electorate, which is a major portion of the electorate, will have to present their case to the rest of general public in any format that’s available to them. The position held by the Establishment media, and a few other Establishment institutions, such as the educational system, and the entertainment system, allows the Establishment minority groups to convince the masses that they are not in the mainstream, when in fact it’s the Establishment that is out of step, it’s time to point out how the Establishment is manipulating the general public, and to bring to an end this effort to undermine the Nation’s Constitution, and our culture.
The efforts being made by the Establishment to divert the public’s attention from our core problems, such as: national defense, healthcare, over regulation of businesses in the private sector, runaway growth in the public sector, ineffective educational system, lack of control related to our immigration system, failure to assimilate new immigrants, failure to conform to the Nation’s Constitution, failure of our judicial system to perform correctly, inability of government to eliminate cronyism, and the inability of our government agencies to reduce wasteful spending, just to mention a few of the serious problems the nation is currently facing. This list of problems is just the tip of the iceberg, and the Establishment is continually diverting the public’s attention to some created problem related to a small special interest group.    
This Primary election period has been adding to the concerns of many Americans, because the underbelly of our political system is being exposed, and it’s not pretty. It appears that there is no one that can explain the system, because it has nothing to do with a rational structure, its function is to ensure that the Establishment candidate is elected, and if the votes that are cast don’t reflect the Party’s choice, then the delegates that have been put in place will correct the outcome to reflect the Establishment’s position. It stretches ones credulity to suggest that we are not living in a dictatorship, but it’s one that is cloaked in terms that would suggest otherwise. Pure freedom is an idealistic dream, a certain degree of control is needed to maintain an ordered society, whether the control is from an external or internal source, but with each passing year that source seems to grow more as a result of external pressures, this should be a very troubling trend to all Americans. We may have to do something drastic, like cut the tail off the dog, but since many of us are animal lovers, let’s just drastically reduce the Establishments power and revenue.


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