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The individuals should develop a holistic view of the media if they really want to understand the influence it has on almost every aspect of one’s life. Most people think of the media as being limited to television, news papers, and radio, but it should really be viewed as any medium that‘s used to transmit a message, and one should not treat any form as being too innocuous, as being unable to impact one’s behavior or attitude.
Only a small portion of the information that we receive on a daily basis ever receives any real analysis, the majority of the information does not go through any filter at all, the individual could view this situation as not having any protection programs on one’s computer, and most people are well aware of the impact that would have on the computer’s functions, this is exactly what happens to our brains if we fail to develop systems that will block faulty information that is designed to influence our attitudes and behavior.
The Establishment and all of its various components make use of all aspects of the media to influence the individual’s attitude and behavior , its favored method is the emotive format, because the Establishment does not want the individual to utilize reason, that might impede their objective. Just about every politician knows the importance of the emotive form of influencing the electorate, and they employ professionals to ensure that their speeches have the correct emotive components to elicit the desired response from the electorate. Any candidate that addressed the electorate from a purely rational point of view would be perceived as being dull, and would soon lose the attention of a large portion of his/her audience, this is a clear indication that most voters don’t look for a reasoned position when a candidate gives a speech.  
It’s very frustrating for some people to see their fellow man (generalized for the human species) being continually manipulate by the Establishment, but this has been going on for a good part of mans’ history, and it’s a behavioral pattern that is holding back the advancement of the human species.
The Establishment and all of its institutions are regressive in nature, this condition could have been avoided if elected officials had given the basic principles set forth by our Founders in the Constitution a chance to work, but like every other culture we have fallen into the same trap that most other cultures have succumbed to. This position may seem radical at first glance, but if one considers various cultures throughout history that have had the opportunity to explore different ideas and concepts, which competed in free an open environment, have shown that these cultures, during those brief periods, made advances that have benefited the species.
The problem with expecting to correct the current condition, is the fact that it’s irrational to expect to resolve this problem in one or two generations, the Establishment has so enmeshed itself into the culture, that it’s going to take many generations to restructure our society in a manner that will not cause a shock to the system that could cause a complete collapse of the nation.
This long term effort will have to receive a determined consistent monitoring to prevent the Establishment’s reemergence, and that will be a ever present danger, because there will always be individuals looking to exert their power over others, but the individual needs to keep in mind that real freedom can only come if an individual’s ability is allowed to function in an open competitive environment with other individuals, this journey will be rough, and the Nation will not only have to contend with pressures from the Establishment, but also from other world governments that will feel threatened with the loss of their power as a result of the Nation’s advancements and freedom. It’s time to give the Establishment something to worry about, an electorate that is beginning to understand the abusive manipulative tactics of the Establishment, let’s hope its days are numbered.


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