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It’s important to establish a distinction between the labels we use and the reality of the actions that these labels are supposed to represent, the distinction between the labels and the actions are frequently overlooked. Terms like conservative, liberal, Democrat, and Republican, just to mention a few, are all terms that are nebulous, because every individual processes the information through a slightly different matrix than every other individual, and regardless of the term chosen one will find that at the two extremes positions are unrecognizable, these conditions would also lead to different expectations in the actions one would expect.
Politicians and pundits are aware of the weight that these labels have in influencing the individual’s thinking, and they also realize that the electorate is not going to make any comparisons between the label and the associated action that should confirm or negate the paradigm of actions that should be associated with the term being employed by the politician or pundit. This inconsistency has never been more apparent than it has been during this primary election, and the awareness of this contradiction is creating a big problem for the Establishment political parties, and they lack to ability to correct the exposure, because in trying to correct the situation they are only bringing a greater awareness and conformation of the schism between the emotive term and the actions of the Establishment.
Many of the terms used may seem innocuous at first glance, but when applied they create a wide range of problems for the Nation’s economic stability, terms such as fair wage, and living wage, one could write a book on just these two terms and the impact they could have on the country’s economy, but that’s something the Establishment does not want the individual to question, it would rather the electorate focus on the emotive picture that many individuals have constructed in their minds. These emotive labels infect every aspect of the Nation’s culture, and it appears that this onslaught is intentional, and that can only lead to a diabolical conclusion.     
It’s surprising to see how a large portion of the electorate can still ignore this inconsistency, but it’s also encouraging to see their numbers are getting smaller with the passage of time. This coming general election may prove to be a turning point in the Nation’s history, but we’ll have to wait for the initiation of actions before it can be confirmed as a turning point.
It might be instructive for the electorate to pay close attention to something the Republican Establishment is doing to manipulate the electorates’ perception of the schism between the Establishment and the perspective Republican candidate for the Presidency. The Establishment is concerned with some of the actions that the candidate may take that would limit some of the power, or reduce the opportunities to expand its influence.
It would appear that this is not one of the candidate’s main concerns; however, being aligned with a large portion of the electorates is. The GOP talks a good game, but it seems incapable of following through with any real conservative actions, and it would appear that the electorate is sending a message that both Establishment parties have lost their credibility, but the electorate still has not come to the realization that the system has been corrupted down to the lowest municipal levels, this fact is driven home by the attitude of the electorates when they suggest that their representatives are OK, but that’s for another consideration point of view, stay tuned.


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