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The electorate has a dissonance within their reasoning paradigm related to their representatives, and this contradiction ensures the continuation of a dysfunctional government, if one expects the government to benefit the individual, rather than the bureaucracy.
The electorate fails to see the interconnectivity between all levels of government, and instead concentrate on the end result at the top, or the Federal level.
What the electorate does not seem to realize is the fact that they are viewing the end result, but fail to connect the contributing factor of the lower levels of government. Over the past two-hundred plus years the Nation has managed to devolve into a system that is diametrically opposed to the intent of the Nation’s Constitution. At first the changes were slow and small, but with the passage of time the frequency and impact has increased to a point that these changes are occurring almost daily. The contributing factors are numerous and complex, and involves all levels of government and the electorate.
There is no way to cover the full complexity of this problem, but some major characteristics can be highlighted to give some concept of the scope of this problem.
The reason most representatives get a pass from the electorate is because they manage to placate their constituents with things that they perceive as being free, but in many cases the price for these gifts extract a cost at a different level of government, and they also come with some sort of stipulation that requires the recipient to take actions that will establish a new constant cost for the recipient that is not accounted for at the time of receiving the gift, in the end the representative is not perceived as being the problem, the blame is placed on the local government that has to raise taxes to support the gift, and the upper level of government that is increasing taxes to cover the cost at that level, but the representative is not viewed as the responsible agent. This process is repeated throughout the system, depending on what is received from any given level of government, and the giver of the gift is never perceived as the culprit, but government continues its growth, and our taxes continue to go up, leaving a large portion of the electorate with less discretionary capital.
All these free gifts tend to enhance the power of government, especially that of the Federal government, and minimizes the power of lower levels of government, which has its greatest impact on the freedom of the individual. This trend is counter to the intent of the Nation’s Constitution, while our representatives continually give lip service to their support of the Constitution, and the electorate is incapable of discerning the contradiction between the rhetoric and the actions of their representatives.  
The general electorate knows that government is in a growth mode, and there is never any real effort to reduce, or even hold, the government’s expansion, but for some strange reason the electorate is unable to make a connection with the growth of taxes.
It’s imperative for voters to realize that major changes need to be made in what the government is responsible for, and pass off to the private sector many of the functions that are performed by the government, this action will reduce the current cost because the private sector can be held responsible if it fails to function effectively, the current system makes it almost impossible to hold anyone in government responsible for being ineffectual in the performance of their duties.
Care must be exercised in the implementation of this transition from the public to the private sector, to prevent sending the economy into a chaotic state. Our society needs to get back to some of the basic principles that were present at the time the Nation was formed, and one of those principles was the acceptance of responsibility for one’s actions, another important principle is that a need should addressed at the lowest level that it can be realized at, and wants are not something that the government needs to get involved with.
The wants that special interest groups advocate for need to be addressed by the special interest group, and any negative impact to a community needs to be addressed by the group, and not expect the citizenry to pay for things that are creating problems. All of these things would require electing representatives that can address action taken in a thoughtful manner, and the electorate needs to construct a paradigm that will hold their representatives responsible.


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