For Your Consideration: The Age of Reason

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There have been periods throughout Man’s existence where a culture would experience major swings between reason and irrationality, when these periods have a major impact on the human species they are labeled as an Age of Enlightenment, or the Dark Ages.
These periods frequently covered cultures that had interaction with each other, but in today’s world with the rapid communications and interaction of nations one may have to view these conditions from a global perspective, and it would appear that the world is about to enter a Dark Age period.
The one nation that had the potential to be a paradigm for other nations to follow and lead the world into an Age of Enlightenment, but that potential has been diminished over time, and it’s on the verge of being completely extinguished.  
There are two basic methods used to evaluate a subject, the most common method is to approach a subject from an idealistic point of view, which relies on a visceral response, the other is to apply reason, which is predominately cerebral. One should approach a subject from the rational perspective, but should not discount the emotive signals. The trick is to apply them in a manner that doesn’t overlook the ideal outcome, but does not set up contradiction in the rational paradigm.
Only a fool would expect every individual to behave in


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