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There appears to be some discontent within the population of the electorate, and this discontent does not seem to be restricted to either the Democrats or the Republicans, but this should not prevent the electorate from casting a vote during this election. There are three unaffiliated write-in candidates for the U.S. Senate, and one write-in unaffiliated candidate for a representative to District 7 of the House of Representatives, but this information is not that forthcoming from the media or either of the political parties.
There have been a number of approaches advocated by various groups. The lead approach seems to pick the lesser of the two evils, if one is dissatisfied with either of the two establishment candidates. The other course suggests that neither candidate should receive a vote, but one seldom hears that there are unaffiliated candidates that can be voted for if the electorate is interested in writing in the names of the unaffiliated candidates that are favored over the establishment candidates.
There are a number of actions that have placed the electorate in the position they find themselves in at this point. One was the complete lack of attention to the Primary election when it was being held, turnout for the Primary was only around fourteen percent of the registered voters. Another aspect that contributed to the condition that the electorate finds themselves in now is the amount of money that was poured into the State by the Republican Party to influence the direction of the vote, but some people believe that the establishment went even further by suggesting that it would give support to other candidates that were from districts that they felt they would be popular in to draw down support from a candidate that might have been supported by voters who were dissatisfied with both establishment candidates. 
There are voters, especially within the Republican Party, that feel a message needs to be sent to the establishment that they disapproved of its interference in State politics. Now the Republican Party seems to be saying that the electorate should not abandon the Party, just because a grassroots candidate did not get elected, but they don’t seem to understand that there is a good portion of the electorate that is dissatisfied with a party that appears to be more concerned with its power than it is with the state of the Nation. These voters are not interested in the Party’s power politics. If the polls are any indication of the dissatisfaction of voters with the Republican Party, there appears to be a clear indication that the establishment’s selection is going to lose his bid for the Senate seat.
There has been no real effort by the North Carolina Board of Elections to get the information out to the electorate that there are five unaffiliated write-in candidates, they are as follows: for the U.S. Barry Gurney, John Rhodes, and David Waddell; the two that are running for seats in the House of Representatives are from different Districts, they are Louis Harmati for District 7, and Shawn Eckles for District 9. The voter should do research before voting for any candidate, this is especially true with a write-in candidate, because there may not have been much coverage on these individuals, not that one can count on the coverage that is given to most of the candidates. The information on the write-in candidates can be found on the North Carolina State Board of Elections web site, under Certified Unaffiliated and
Write-in Candidates.  Know the name and get the right spelling correct if you are going to insert a write-in candidate.
There should be no reason for a registered voter to fail to cast his or her vote in the upcoming election, there are a number of options to express your pleasure or displeasure, which ever the case may be, but VOTE.


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