For Your Consideration: The Establishment Revolt

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The Establishment, on the left and the right, is showing its concern over the reaction of a large portion of the population, to select leaders from any source outside of the Establishment’s sphere, and the concern is being expressed by the Establishment’s efforts to run a third party candidate. The Establishment appears to be willing to sacrifice the Nation’s future, as long as it keeps the power in the hands of Establishment, and there is a high probability that the Establishment will succeed in its efforts given its ability to influence the behavior of individuals, as a result of its control over a majority of the media and the nation’s educational system.
The electorate needs to pay close attention to the tactics used by the Establishment to negate the voters’ selection, while maintaining its control of the government, regardless of the harm it will inflict on the nation’s future. Their efforts to establish additional parties to participate in the general election is being pushed to drawdown the delegate count from the candidate chosen by popular vote, which could push the selection into the House of Representatives, at which point the Establishment would attempt to insert a candidate of its choice. This effort by the Establishment may backfire on the Establishment, by strengthening the opposition’s position and determination. The Republican Party has an uncanny knack of coming up on the short end, even when they are in the catbird seat, and it would appear that it’s willing to repeat their past behavior here, even though the presumed Presidential candidate holds many of the same positions outlined in the Republican platform. One may conclude that the platform is just for public consumption, and there’s no intention of fulfilling its stated goals.
If the presumed Presidential candidate is approved, he will find that the past year has been a cakewalk, compared to what he has been experiencing for the past year, the full force of the entire Establishment will be coming down on him and his supporters. He and his supporters will have to be able to block the distorted positions that will be attributed to him, that means that he will have to start to employ the education that he has been receiving in private, and ensure the public that he is going to surround himself with personnel that are highly competent in the areas that need a great deal of attention. The candidate has already come out with an impressive list of potential candidates for the U.S. Supreme Court, and has made it clear that he may make additions to the list, should other judges come to his attention that are of the same caliber. The Establishment wasted no time in insinuating that he might be open to putting individuals on the list that were not of the same quality, he can expect the Establishment to continue using this tactic, because it tends to put doubt in the minds of his supports. There is a high probability that there are more than a few Establishment operatives that have praised this list, but are not really in favor of the judges, but would not express that opinion because it would expose the true concerns of the Establishment.
Another tactic that the Establishment will use is to call for the candidate to come up with specific plans on how to address the problems facing the Nation, but this would be ill-advised for a number of reasons, and those reasons should be given to the public, so they can evaluate the wisdom behind not supplying them at this point, and there are some things that should never be divulged, because they would let the enemy know what tactics we would be applying to weaken their ability to wage war , something we have been doing that is very foolish, there is no way of informing the public without also informing your enemy, so there will have to be some areas where secrecy will have to be employed.
The next five months is going to be an excellent time for the electorate to observe the full onslaught by the Establishment as it acts to destroy this movement that does not represent the goals of the Establishment, but does seek expand the possibilities for citizens in the private sector.


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