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It is essential that we continue to put the spot light on the Establishment, and its continuing effort to manipulate the electorate’s behavior, understanding the Dark Forces’ agenda and the means it utilizes to achieve its ends is essential if it’s going to be defeated.  The Dark Establishment has been taking out all the stops on the current presumed Republican candidate for a comment he made about the judge that has been assigned to hear the class action suit involving a for profit school, and the accusation by some students that the program was a shame, and they did not get their monies worth. The judge set the trial date to a point after the general election, but a problem developed when the prosecution team requested that the judge allow them to withdraw their plaintiff, because they would lose the case if they used the individual they had chosen to be the prime example for the class action suit, but they did not have a substitute for the individual that they originally filed the suit under. In spite of this the judge allowed the prosecution to withdraw the individual as the representative of the class action suit, but instead of throwing the case out he allowed it to stand, giving the Establishment a bone of contention that could be used as a distraction One should question the motivation of this suit just from these points, but there were a number of other factors that should have caused any rational person to question the rationality of this law suit.
When all the factors are considered in their totality, most rational people would conclude that this suit is not being conducted by an impartial judicial system, and the presumptive presidential candidate for the Republican party was justified in requesting an impartial judge, or even a dismissal of the suit, but one would find it hard to find a good compilation of the facts that would lead to that conclusion, but given the fact that the Establishment is managing the narrative it’s easy to see why many would find the candidate at fault. A person almost has to be a political junky to see what is happening with this case, but it does present an excellent example of how the various elements of the Establishment function to manipulate the electorate.
The best way to approach this subject is to research La Roza, its meaning and intent, once you have sufficiently researched this topic the other elements of the candidate’s contention will be made clear. The National Council of La Raza (NCLR), was formed in 1968, to advance the position of Spanish speaking people in this country, it received three-quarters of its funding from private donations, and one-quarter from the Federal government, it’s headquarters is based in Washington D.C., but it has a number of regional branches in a number of cities that have large populations of Spanish speaking people. One needs to keep in mind that this was established right after it was decided that any one that entered the country before 1963 would be considered a legal resident, and this was supposed to resolve the illegal immigration question, but as we all know this did not resolve the problem. There are a number of La Raza organization, one of which is the political arm of La Raza, which is the one most people think of when they hear the term. There are lawyers that are organized under the principles of La Raza, that have many of the same objectives as the political arm of La Roza, and the judge that has oversight in the class action suit involving Trump has been reported to be a member of that group. If one were to consider the information present above, plus the following: The judge was appointed to the Federal position that he holds by President Obama; all members of the prosecution team are Democrats; it has been reported that they have contributed to the Democratic Party, given this information, if correct, one could not fault Trump for asking for a change, even if the term used did not express accurately the candidate’s concerns, but the Establishment is good at distorting information to get the electorate to focus on a distraction. This information is presented to give a different perspective, there’s no claim to the truthfulness of the information presented, but it’s believed to be correct, and there is a high probability of this presentation containing more truth than one gets from the Establishment’s media.  Hopefully, the reader will do his/her own research and look at this controversy with a new perspective.


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