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The radical Muslim religion has declared war on all persons that will not accept its interpretation of the Koran; this is the key point for attaching the label of radical to this segment of the Muslim religion.
The Muslim religion is not alone in its expectation of following a dogmatic religious structure, but it’s believed to be the only religious order that advocates killing or subjugating dissenters.
We do the Muslim religion a disservice when we fail to make this characteristic, because there are many Muslims that don’t concur with this dogmatic position. The Nation needs a system that will allow it to profile individuals and groups that present a threat to our governmental structure  and culture, this can be accomplished without impugning the generalized group that they may belong to, which does not represent a threat to the country.
The media and the government have complicated the assessment of the threat, because they have thrown in all of the various labels the two prime groups of concern are using for public consumption. It’s important to break all these labels down to their basic component, the prime element for radical Islamic behavior is the political requirement that centers on Sharia law, and fulfilling its code by conducting Jihad.
The next step is to realize that there are two main branches in both the radical and what many Muslims would consider to be its current position, they are Sunni and Shiite.
One should keep in mind that the Muslim religion and its two main branches fall somewhere on a continuum from the far left, which we’ll call “Fundamentalist” to the far right, which we’ll call “Reformist”.
The term “Radical Muslim” should be reserved for Muslims that embrace Sharia law, and insist that all Muslims follow all aspects of Sharia law; if one has a grasp of the Sharia code the Fundamentalist can be exposed, as a result of their compliance.  
Some Fundamentalist are aware of these tells and have learned to hide them, but it’s very difficult to hide all tells on a 24/7 schedule, and a trained interrogator or investigator can still pick out a potential Fundamentalist.
The reason for labeling radical Muslims is to prevent the labeling from being applied to the entire Muslim religion as radical, because there are many Reformist that would be indistinguishable from the general population., and they would be people that don’t hold values that would go counter to the Nation’s basic Constitutional principles.
It’s difficult to rationalizes the President’s position on failing to acknowledge the threat the Nation faces from radical Islamist, his statements related to his opposition gave a clear indication that he had no concept of what the real problem is, or he felt confident that he could sell his unintelligible statements as a rational explanation for his actions, related to this problem.
The President fared no better when he used the recent terrorist attack as a platform to push for more and stronger control over the ownership of guns, but this problem has been with us for many generations, and the problem here is that it always fails to take into account the Constitution’s reasoning, and the reality of the action being proposed, people that are unconcerned with the law will still get the guns they want, and guns are just one method of killing, and there are hundreds of other methods that are more efficient, easier to attain, and have a higher kill ratio.
We need to approach the resolutions to our problems rationally, and not expect that we will ever attain one-hundred percent security, and it’s clear that the citizenry cannot count on the government to protect us, so stop taking away our rights to protect ourselves.


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