For Your Consideration: Radical Establishment Reality

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It can be very instructive to compare the tactics that are employed by forces looking to establish a dictatorship, regardless of the cloak they may wrap themselves in.
If we compare the radical Islamic movement and our Establishment’s movement, one would find a number of aspects that are common to both of them, the Sunni and Shiite, are replaced by the Democratic and Republican Parties, this may seem like a radical comparison, let’s not be too quick to judge this comparison. The Islamic position is using religion as its cloak, and the Establishment is using a humanitarian cloak, but both have the same objective, to gain control over the populous, and establish a position of perpetual control over the masses.  
The Establishments job is proving to be a little more difficult, because our culture had traits ingrained that encouraged individuality and rationality, but the Establishment has been working hard to eliminate these traits, and because it controls almost every aspect of an individual’s life it has proven to be very efficient at this task, so it would seem the government can be efficient when it’s for its benefit.
This task is being accomplished by negating the basic  principles in the Constitution, by creating groups to put individuals in, and turning the groups against each other, by encouraging people to respond emotionally, rather than employing reason, and by destroying the valued traits that made our Nation great, independent individuality and self-sufficiency.
If the electorate is viewing the current general election objectively, they will see a massive amount of inconsistencies in how the presumptive candidates for the Presidency are being treated, but one must use their full range of reason, with an understanding of where each of the participants are coming from, and don’t be fooled into thinking that you are receiving a fair and unbiased presentation of the facts from any source, because you’re not. The presumptive Republican candidate for the Presidency is getting flack from all quarters of the Establishment, some of the flak is warranted, but it has not been applied equally to the Establishment candidate. Much of the rhetoric is of a suggestive nature to influence the electorate to think negatively about the candidate, and the Establishment is in lockstep in its efforts, similar to the way the far left media reacts in presenting the picture the Regressives’ are try to implant in the public’s mind, and naturally if one is receiving the same information from a majority of these sources, it must be factual.
One should not ignore all those polls and what they are telling us, most of them are nothing but tools to back up the message that the media is trying to get the electorate to buy into, and evidently this tactic works, because people continue to quote them, which only increases the acceptance of their perceived validity.
One thing is apparent, all the components of the Establishment are greatly concerned with what they perceive to be the Republican’s presumptive candidate for the Presidency intent, but when one listens to the candidate, he seems to be saying many of the things that many in the Party have said before, and with the same lack of specificity, is their concern over the possibility that this candidate may make an honest effort to fulfill many of the positions he has advocated, putting the Establishment in the uncomfortable position of exposing their true intent.
There are two aspects that are really disconcerting: the fact that they are showing little concern for the possibility of the Democratic candidate becoming President as a result of the Party’s actions, and what that would mean for the U.S. Supreme Court; the other point is the total disregard for the turnout of the electorate, both of these points may really be indicating that the Establishment is unconcerned with the will of the people.
The behavior of the entire Establishment would suggest that the presumptive Republican candidate for the Presidency will be paying less attention to the needs of the Establishment, and more to resolving the Nation’s real problems, which the Establishment has created. This article is not an endorsement of any candidate, but an analysis with a perspective that is not getting enough attention in the media.


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