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The electorate spends time trying to discern how effective the Anti-Establishment candidate will be against the Establishment, there is an indicator that should give a reliable indication as to how concerned the Establishment is with the opposition. If the full force of the Establishment is marshaled to discredit its opposition that would be a good indication of its fear that the opposition is considered to be a real threat to its unrelenting grasp for power.
The reader needs to keep in mind the full extent of the Establishment, a point that is often overlooked when the term “Establishment” is used, it includes all of the following: both major political parties, all the Federal bureaucratic agencies, every government agency from the smallest township, right up to and including all three branches of the Federal government, all the bureaucratic agencies that the three branches oversee, the educational system, the media, which also includes the entertainment media, most of the large multi-national corporations, and any institutions that receives support from any government agency. If this definition appears to be too outlandish, then the individual should revisit the workings of all these fundamentals, and the interaction they have with each other to shape our behavior. This definition should not is not suggesting that every individual involved in these organizations holds the same position as the Establishment, but the outlanders are marginalized to a point that their only contribution is to try and show the abuses of the Establishment, but their message is too often lost in the din that’s coming from the Establishment.
For a person to go against the Establishment, and think that he is not going to be attacked by each of the aforementioned groups, needs to understand that their situation is very much like disturbing a large killer bees’ nest, and if the candidates hopes to come out of the conflict in one piece, he will have to be strong and smart, and receive a lot of help from every member of electorate that is opposed to what the Establishment is doing to our country. The current presumptive Republican candidate for the Presidency, is starting to get some concept of what he is in for, but those that support him will also be in the line of fire, just think about the treatment that some people received that have gone to hear him at his gatherings, and keep in mind that many of the perpetrators were never arrested for attacking his supporters or damaging private property, and the police (local Establishment) were there to keep the peace, just one small reminder of the Establishment’s use or misuse of power.
The Establishment gives our Constitution lip-service, while it continues to make it irrelevant with the actions it takes, and its showing that it’s more than willing to appoint U.S. Supreme Court Judges that will continue the trend that we are on. The electorate will have to make a decision as to whether they wish to stay on the current course, or take a chance on the unknown factor that’s running on the Republican ticket, currently the biggest endorsement the candidate can receive is coming from the Establishment, and it’s being expressed by every facet of the Establishment, which is a clear indication that its concerned that this candidate may take actions that will disrupt the Establishment’s grasp for power, and possibly eliminating more of the individual’s freedom. The electorate has been complaining about the Establishment for generations, is this their opportunity to do something about the government’s abusive use of power, if we were to take the Establishment’s reaction across the board, one would have to conclude that the answer would be yes, but that remains to be seen.
The presumptive Republican candidate for the Presidency cannot be classified as a Constitutionalist, but many of the actions that he has suggested would tend to increase the individual’s freedom, and Constitutionalist will have to face reality and accept any small gains as a step in the right direction. This article is not an endorsement of the presumptive Republican candidate, most of us have learned that we cannot rely on the rhetoric of our politicians, and the only way to really judge our elected officials is to evaluate their actions; vote smart, it may be your last chance.


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