For Your Consideration: A Free Capitalistic Enterprise System

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Many of our citizens are under the impression that the Nation is operating under a free capitalistic system, but this concept is incorrect, and it's doubtful that this has been the case for most of our history.
In truth, our system has been a crony capitalistic system for at least two thirds of the Nation's existence, most of the problems can be traced back to the interference of our elected officials. Over the generations this interference by the political system has developed a number of disruptive procedures and policies that have created a system that is corrupt, wasteful, and inefficient, and this is what the Establishment is fighting to protect. One cannot expect the average citizen to advance in a system like this, unless they join in on the game.
The system as it stands now is designed to support the Establishment, which will lead to some form of dictatorship, which in turn will be harmful to the individual's rights, and inhibit the Nation's potential.
All these actions by or political leaders are contrary to our Constitution, which the Establishment is trying to minimize, some have even suggested that the Constitution should be done away with. Free trade is an essential element if we are going to allow the individual to move vertically in our economic system, which is one of the rights granted to the individual in our Constitution. If we fail to fight for this right it will lead to a class system. Our educational system is doing its best to ensure that the citizenry lacks a clear understanding of the Nation's Constitution, which stands in the way of the Establishment's acquisition of all the power it desires.
One would have to write a book to cover all the abuses that our elected officials have created to ensure the Establishment's continuation and expansion, but an attempt will be made to hit some of the highlights.
The first to be noted is the support between a politician and a corporation, this typically comes in the form of campaign funds for support of a bill that will favor the corporation; sometimes this support necessitates attaching a bill to another bill, neither of which are beneficial to the country or our economy.
Another tactic that is employed is to design specification for a project or product that only one company can comply with. Another is to design a contract that can only be filled by one company, which allows that corporation to maximize its profits; and just one more, but not to suggest that there are no other methods for ripping off the taxpayer, some contracts are designed poorly and don't hold the corporation accountable for not fulfilling its obligation.
Now when you add up all the tactics that are employed by our elected officials, and consider the fact that our elected officials are seldom held accountable, nor are the bureaucratic agencies that they are responsible for having oversight on, it should be clear that our system needs an overhaul, that's if one considers our Constitution's principles important.
The 2016 Primary election has made one point obvious, and that's the fact that many of the candidates that said they were running to oppose the Establishment, were in fact running to continue the Establishment's reign.
One would like to think the electorate should have enough information to see that it's being manipulated by the Establishment, and having a truly free capitalistic system, where government does not get involved in picking winners and losers, would not be to its advantage, in fact it would drastically undermine its power structure, but it would be very advantageous to the citizenry and the economic health of the Nation. The implementation of a free capitalistic system would move the Nation closer to the original intent of the drafters of the Constitution. Many questions related to the abusive liberties the Establishment has taken over the generations still remain, but establishing a free capitalistic system would be a tremendous step in the right direction, something to think about when casting a vote for an elected representatives.
Considering the fact that we fought a war to remove ourselves for the abuses of the Crown, it's unbelievable that we would find ourselves under many of the same conditions today.


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