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Shortly before his death, Saul Alinsky had his book “Rules For Radicals” published, it was presented as a guide for community organizers, but the cloak is rather transparent, the intent of this guide book is more befitting the title, with a much broader implication than a local community, and it’s this point that will be addressed here.
There are quite a few advocates of Saul Alinsky, but most of the tactics that he presented have been used by psyops teams for generations before his book came out, but to his credit he compiled most of the essentials that psyops teams had used to weaken, disrupt, and destroy enemy nations, but he applied these tactics to overturn his own country, or to put it another way, to “Fundamentally Transform” the United States of America (USA).  
There have been major advances to this end in the past two generations, but to be fair there have been other counter cultures and ideologies that have contributed to this transformation.
Two essential aspects of his plan are control of communications and the educational system, and if the electorate has any analytical skills, they could not fail to note the comparisons to what has been experienced in our country, but the acquisition of these two major institutions has taken over three generations.
This gradual control of these two institutions, as well as others, allowed the movement to move ahead unimpeded.
It appears that the current administration is satisfied that it has enough of the essential elements in place to execute its “Fundamental Transformation”.
If there is a push to bring about that “Fundamental Transformation”, the Nation can expect a considerable increase of disruptive behavior in a wide variety of areas, which will keep the electorate off balance, preventing the Nation from concentrating on the primary cause of the disruption, and the media is going to play a crucial role in this operation, their complicity is the result of failing to connect the dots, but this is not uncommon these days.
There have been very few media individuals that have connected the dots, and even when they do, the electorate tends to concentrate on the examples used to illustrate the workings.
One may conclude that the electorate would be sufficiently disturbed with the direction the county is taking, that there would be a move away from any Establishment candidate, but this would not necessarily be true, when the potential for illegal and abusive voting is taken into account, the final  outcome is not so clear.
Just consider the number of illegal immigrants that have entered the country in the past thirty years, then add to that number all the people that have been freed from jail, and all the people that have been living off the government dole, and finally those individuals that will vote the Party line regardless of its position.
The idea that an outsider is going to be a shoe-in under the conditions presented is no longer a certainty, and there is the very real potential for ballot tampering, and the Medias’ manipulation of attitudes using polls.
The outsider running as a Republican will really have to put some serious thought into his course of actions if he intends to win the election, and if he does win against those odds, then he will have shown his ability to lead the Nation on a course that will correct many of the abuses the Nation has been exposed to over the generations, but that is from a Constitutionalist position.
The Media has been trying to steer this candidate towards an Establishment selection for the Vice President (VP) position, but if he is smart he will select a (VP) from his real base, which is the Anti-Establishment (the people).  Regardless of the final outcome the Nation is in for a very tumultuous five months, let’s pray we come out of this in one piece.


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