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Many citizens still have not come to the realization that the media, for the most part, is not presenting an unbiased presentation of the news, and columnist are not attempting to present reasonable explanations to help the reader understand some of the reasoning behind the outcomes. There appears to be a growing hesitancy to accept what one reads as being unbiased and truthful, but the fact that so many media outlets appear to be in accord with one another, tends to lead the recipient to believe that the information being presented is correct, it behooves the recipient to maintain a fair amount of cynicism under the current environment.
These conditions are creating a cultural environment that is antithetical to the two documents that the Nation views as its basic structure for the laws, which the Federal government and state governments’ actions are intended to affect. The actions of the Media are transforming the Fourth Estate into a Fifth Column that is intent on making the Declaration of Independence, the Nation’s Constitution, and the Constitutions of each of the states inconsequential. Given the President’s promise to “Fundamentally Transform the Nation”, and his adherences to the basic principles for a community organizer as outlined in “Rules for Radicals”, tends to make some voters question the President’s intent for the future of the Nation, and given many of the actions the President has taken over the course of his administration have only tended to increase the concerns of the electorate.
The concerns of the Establishment over many of Trump’s positions is helping Trump’s campaign, because there is a growing discontent with the Establishment, which has proven that it’s more concerned with its position than that of the Nation or the individual, and the Establishment’s opposition to the Republican nominee for the Presidency is supporting the position that Trump is not going to be an Establishment person, and will do something to shakeup the government, which still needs to be confirmed by the candidate’s actions, should he attains the Presidency.
There is a big kerfuffle over the fact that he does not talk about the Constitution, but is it really necessary to talk about the Constitution if the actions taken bring the function of the government in line with the basic principles of the Constitution, which are intended to make government function better, and give the individual an opportunity to move vertically through the culture as a result of the individual’s efforts, without the government’s interference.
The Establishment is always referring to the Constitution, but in the end the moves it makes tend to prove to be adverse to the intent of the Constitution.
The Fifth Column can be stopped, but it’s going to mean that the electorate will have to apply pressure on each of their representatives to vote correctly on issues that will move the Nation in the direction that the Founders intended for the nation. The electorate should not be influenced by some of the Establishment people that have refused to support Trump, that’s not to say that this candidate is the best candidate for the job, but it’s clear that any other selection will mean a continuation of the Establishment’s policies.
If the electorate fails to vote they will be contributing to the destruction of the Founders’ intent for the Nation, and given the advancements the Fifth Column has made over the past three and a half to four generations, it’s doubtful that the electorate will have another opportunity to correct our course, it’s important to give some strong consideration to the actions that you will be taking during the coming general election.


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