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The electorate has a tough job when it comes to picking a candidate to represent them in the political arena, the candidates and the media don’t make the job any easier, and most of the voting public does not have the time to scrutinize all the candidates in each of the positions.
The average voter often puts most of their efforts in picking  two or three  candidates at the Federal level, they may even apply this strategy to some positions at the state level, but it’s extremely hard to feel confident that the voter is really getting the kind of person they want to represent them.
In the end a good portion of the electorate utilize a number of different combinations of strategies to select their representative: Party affiliation, race, sex, ethnic background, the kind of label the candidate selects,  name recognition, the sound of the name, the frequency of a candidate’s signs, the perception of a candidates popularity, if the candidate personally requests the electorate’s support, and if these are insufficient, there is always the flip of a coin, and we wonder why we get the kind of representation that we do from our political leaders.
An effort has been made to hit most of the strategies, but the reader will more than likely come up with additional strategies, but it’s clear that most of the strategies that are employed are counterproductive, and more likely to give us results that are undesirable.
The electorate needs to pressure candidates to present a picture that the voter can accept as a reasonable portrait of the positions the candidate will take, and the electorate can refine some of their method for selecting a representative.
The methods previously cited that candidates employed to manipulate the voter can be used to discount a prospective positions, because they are using manipulative techniques that don’t provide anything of substance.
The electorate should require the prospective candidate to do the following: Present a white paper that gives enough information on positions and past accomplishments; a question and answer forum with the constituents; have meetings that are designed to show the candidate has a grasp of the office he/she is running for; and the ability to show their rationality.   
It appears abundantly clear that a large majority of the electorate is dissatisfied with the representation they are receiving from their elected officials, but the blame for this  condition rests with the electorate, because the voter does not put the time and effort into vetting the people running for public office, nor do we hold them accountable when they fail to live up to their implied positions.
Most of the Nation’s problems could be resolved if the electorate had a better understanding of our Constitution, the power is being taken away from the individual and local governments and placed in the hands of the Establishment and centralized in the Federal government.
This last point has contributed greatly to the high dissatisfaction of the electorate, because there are groups that have different expectations that are not in line with the principles of the Constitution, and given today’s culture’s expectations it’s highly unlikely that this problem will be resolved any time soon, because our political leaders are continually promising the voter that they are going to do things for them that will not cost them anything, but there is a cost for everything and it’s not the politician that is paying, it’s the taxpayer. If we were educating, rather than indoctrinating, our students the fallacy of the government’s actions would be apparent.
The government has been destroying the Nation’s economy and culture for generations, and each politician is looking to get as much as they can, and hopes that they can extract themselves from the mess that they have created, but no one can escape the coming collapse, except for the ruling class, but the electorate will have given up their freedom for serfdom.
We have two primary candidates, neither of which are going to meet the expectations of all voters, the voter should chose the candidate they feel will correct the most practices that are contributing to the Nation’s dissolution, not voting or voting for another candidate at this point will only lead to a condition that is unacceptable, like it or not we are at a point where we don’t have, think about it.


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