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There is a larger portion of the electorate that believe the individual’s vote is important, and that this is what should determine our representative, but they have an incorrect perception of what really determines the representative the electorate finally ends up with, and it’s this reality that has caused many to be embittered with our political system. It should be clear to any critical observer that the end result begins long before a voter steps into the voting booth, and continues throughout the tabulation of the votes. In order to understand the elements that impact the final outcome, one must step outside the boxes that are created when we analyze a subject, because the end result is an accumulation of events from a variety of Establishment sources.
Regretfully, it’s impossible to give the reader a detailed picture of what is happening, but some limited outline can be presented that may give the reader a general concept of how the Establishment is influencing the end result of  the selection process.
An overview of the scene is important for a clear understanding of how the system works, keep in mind that all actions that are taken are designed to maintain the various symbiotic elements of the Establishment in power, which relegates the individual to a position of a pawn, with little or no power for self determination. This coming general election is a major concern to all the various elements of the Establishment, and they are going to throwing everything at the Republican candidate to prevent him from reducing the Establishment’s future control of the power that it has accumulated over the centuries, whether those concerns are real or not still remains to be seen, but the Establishment is very concerned with what they are seeing so far.
Now to the point of how the elections are being stolen, and this current election is an excellent example, because of all the things that have been bought to the surface as a result of this election. The two major political parties make the rules, and select the candidates that they feel they can work with, and this is accomplished during the primary in each state, by selecting delegates to represent each of the voting districts, but the selection process is different for each state and party, the selection of these delegates to the convention are not a pure reflection of the votes cast, and the Party’s input can, and often does far outweighs the popular vote, an example of this can be seen in the selection of the Democrat’s selection for the Presidency, these same actions occur in the Republican Party, they just were not as evident.  
The current stage is in play now that both Party’s have selected their nominee, but the Republican side of the Establishment is dissatisfied with the selection by the people, and it is doing everything it can think of to sabotage the candidate, and it’s clear that the Democrats are just as concerned with this selection, and the Media is doing everything it can to prevent this candidate from attaining the office he is running for, even the current President and some past Presidents are jumping in to prevent the candidate’s appointment, just one more indication that it’s not about the people.
The final phase is the casting of votes in the general election, most of the infractions in the past have been portrayed as negligible, and having no impact on the overall outcome, but many have contested that assumption. Given the concerns that the Establishment has with this election, one might expect all the stops to be pulled out. Aside from the full court press that is trying to manipulate the electorates’ position, the manipulation of polls that present a view that the pollsters want to present, the use of electronic voting, that can be corrupted in a verity of ways, and the lack of any paper trails, the inability to verify a voter’s status, and the failure to purge most, if not all, of the voting rolls, judges that give rulings that can lead to voting abuses, and stacking certain voting districts with newly arrived illegal immigrants, given these conditions, and may more, it’s reasonable to expect a rigged election.
The Establishment pundits and the President can say anything they want, but the electorate is justified in being concerned with the actions that may occur during this coming general election.
This is a thumbnail sketch of the tactics used to influence the outcome of the Nation’s elections.


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