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There is great concern by some citizens over the decline of the Nation’s military’s readiness condition, which started under the previous President’s administration as a result of a budget that was passed that has continually eroded the funding for the military, but the present administration has added greatly to the military’s decline by introducing a number of cultural changes that have weakened the military’s ability to perform the functions that it’s supposed to carry out. The previous generalized statement covers a variety of areas that can only be highlighted here.
One would hope that the general public is aware of the fact that our current military state of readiness is less then it was at the beginning of World War II, for those of you that were not around at that time, we were in no position to defend the Homeland, and given the inability to produce the weapons that are needed today, it’s clear that our condition is more comparable to what we experienced when we declared our Independence from England, but with even greater challengers, because we no longer have the oceans to act as a barrier. The government has forgotten one its primary functions is to “ provide for the common defense” of the Nation, regretfully the burden on the military has grown over the centuries as a result of technical advances over the intervening centuries. Our representatives have fallen down on their responsibilities, regardless of their party affiliation, but the party affiliation is a subject for another time.
It has been pointed out in the media that the Air Force is having problems keeping its combat pilots and aircraft mechanic, reports have also indicated that it have to salvage replacement parts from unusable aircrafts because there are no replacement parts in stock for many of the crafts that we are using, and we have no new aircrafts in the pipeline. The pilots’ flying time has been cutback drastically, which presents problems with maintain their proficiency.  Given these and many other problems, it’s easy to understand why the Air Force is losing so many of its essential personnel. These conditions are not restricted to the Air Force, they are occurring in each branch of the military, and it’s having a demoralizing effect on the troops.
The administration is continually suggesting that our military is the best in the world, and that may be true if one considers what our troops are accomplishing under the conditions they have to perform under, but the statement is incorrect when it comes to combat readiness. Our current capabilities are only capable of addressing small local skirmishes, and the public is being lied to about our state of readiness, but there is nothing new in that.
The government shows more concern over the plight of the illegals coming into the country daily, than it does for men and women that put their lives on the line to protect the country. If we were not spending money on all these immigrants coming into the country, it could be diverted to getting our military back to a readiness condition that could address the potential threats the Nation faces, but that would mean the government would have to forfeit potential votes and cheap labor, but our elected officials are incapable of seeing the problems that it’s creating.
We have an election coming up in about three months, and the electorate has an opportunity to tell the Establishment that they are tied of the mismanagement in almost every area of its responsibility. It’s going to take a lot of work from each citizen to educate those individuals that have been indoctrinated with misinformation, and to keep a close lookout for the Establishment’s efforts to steal the election at the voting booth, if we are intent in getting our Nation back. An individual has to be totally clueless, with regards to our Constitution, to think that we are following the Constitution. One more incorrect move by the electorate and that will seal the President’s promise to “Fundamentally transform” the Nation.


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