For Your Consideration: The Melting Pot

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There was a time that we referred to our culture as a “melting pot”, the symbolism behind this term is important because it suggested that there was an amalgamation of all the cultures that made this nation their home, and over time many of the positive attributes of the different cultures were assimilated into the Nation’s culture, but the country was unified under one culture, that was continually changing. There were certain aspects that needed to remain consistent to sustain a single unified unit, and these aspects were as follows: A single language, which for our nation was English; Borders that indicated the bounds of the Nation; and a Constitution that was unlike any other nation’s constitution, because its intent was to maximize the individual’s freedom and limit the government’s control over the individual’s freedom. Our society has allowed the Establishment to obliterate all the essential elements that have unified the Nation in the past, and in turn is decimating the individual’s freedom. The current administration is doing all it can to ensure the completion of its goal before the end of this year, but it’s also looking to insert a candidate that will seal the project in the next four years.
The electorate may only have one more opportunity to reverse this globalist ideology, which is the most impractical concept for any nation at this point of Man’s existence, the species is not mature enough for the concept to work, it can only lead to a dictatorship, and given the Establishment’s control over our culture today, one could posit that we are under a form of dictatorship now, and there are some concerned citizens that feel it may be too late to overcome the control that the Establishment has over the electorate’s behavior. It’s going to take a concentrated effort of every concerned citizen to mobilize the electorate to realize what we are about to lose, which will be a difficult task given the fact that many people don’t realize they are being controlled, but one method that might be helpful is to show how irrational this globalist ideology is, and to point out all the things that are being done by the Establishment to destroy the bonds that unite our Nation.
The first step is to point out that there are no less than five major ideologies that are vying for the power to control Man’s culture, and none of these put the individual in a position of controlling one’s destiny, the only  one that does that is the United States’ Constitution, and it’s not meant to take over other ideologies, but to be viewed as an example, for those that wish to emulate it. Look at the world today and the forces that are vying for power, mostly by complexion, which will lead to some form of a dictatorship that controls the individual’s behavior, it’s hard to imagine that there would be a large number of people in the United States that would want a system like this, but that is what you will be getting if we fail to reject this globalist ideology. The second point is being made continually by the Establishment’s efforts to undermine the true intent of the Nation’s Constitution, one common strategy is to imply that it was drafted by a group of old white men that need not be listened to, but the fact is that the document was derived from a number of cultures throughout history, but with one important distinction, and that was to take the Judeo-Christian’s view that each individual was important in the Creator’s view, which was stated strongly in our Declaration of Independence: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights,” This  difference was part of the structural concept of The U.S. Constitution, which was unlike any other documents for the governance of a nation. This is what the Establishment is trying to subvert, just in case the electorate has failed to note this fact. The Establishment is breaking our culture into groups that are at odds with each other, and attempting to make the individual more reliant on the government, rather than creating an environment that would encourage self-sufficiency in the individual.


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