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Many people confuse reality with the truth, but there may be a difference when we compare many of the models that we use to predict a future event. We can agree that when something happens that the action itself is a reality, where we have a problem is when we construct a process or model that will predict the event, of which there are many, and then construct models to explain the event. The event is a reality, and as such is the truth, but frequently we will go beyond the actual event to explain the event, or to present the information with an emotional context, at this point the event is no longer viewed as the truth, because it’s being viewed through a subjective prism, the individual.
Each individual has their own subjective prism for interpreting an event, and reporting it, often goes beyond the event, this is a problem with most of the information that we receive daily in almost all forms of communications. The human species has a predilection for predicting and explaining events, the thing the species does not realize is that there are endless variables, with varying weights that are in continual fluctuation through time, and these changes are impacted greatly by the models being used to predict and explain human behavior.
The impact these processes have on a culture can be very detrimental to a culture, because they tend to be strongly emotive in nature, and frequently this is intentional. This impact is very obvious in various segments of our culture, especially during a political season, with the fissures growing between many of our institutions. The political pundits have managed to involve natural events into their lexicon, and doing so without any regard for scientific principles.
The emotive approach has a functional place in the species development, it’s a natural response for most life forms, and serves as a protective device, so it’s the easiest function to activate, but when it’s employed to a degree that it inhibits a cerebral response it can be counterproductive, an individual will start to react irrationally, making it harder to activate a rational response.
Most people have heard the sage advice that important decisions should not be made while in a highly emotional state, but many of us have ignored this advice at one time or another, and have regretted the results.
The politicians go to great lengths to induce an emotional state in the electorate; the last thing they want is for the electorate to approach a subject rationally, because most of them would never be elected.
We are moving closer to a mob mentality with each passing day, and there is too much at stake, which means that we should approach this coming election with our rational facilities being fully engaged. It’s discouraging to find you have to approach most people from an emotional point of view, rather than a rational presentation of information, but the electorate can still use the degree and type of emotive  information the candidate is using to determine if that is the type of representative they want, as it has been pointed out in past articles, a large majority of the political candidates are more interested in a Party’s acquisition of power and control, and have little interest in resolving the Nation’s problems, unless the Party can benefit from an action.
Let’s try something new for this general election, think rationally, rather than emotionally, the only emotional cause we should have, is to stabilize our culture, and resolve the Nation’s problems in an unbiased fashion.


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