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There are many Americans questioning the saying “Make America Great Again”, there is a rational way of viewing this saying, which will be presented here. Perfection is something that many individuals strive for, but most of us know that this is an elusive aspiration for a variety of reasons, and yet many individuals continue to strive to attain the goal.  Our Declaration of Independence postulates that our separation from the Crown was to form a more perfect union, it did not suggest that we would form a perfect union, over the past two plus centuries we have corrected many of the inequities in our system, but this was only possible because our cultural environment had policies that would allow these changes to occur, but the environment has gone through many changes, which have created conditions that make it harder to continue our efforts to reach the goals set forth for us. The reason for this can be attributed to the fact that many of our representatives have been undermining the basic principles of our Constitution, because it’s hindering their ability to gain and maintain power, and the only way that can be accomplished is to eliminate the paradigm of the Constitution, along with its basic principles that are its structural supports.
There are pundits that are suggesting that the saying has a hidden meaning that have racial tones, but this is nothing more than the ultra-left’s attempt to divert the electorate’s attention away from really examining the damage that has been done to our culture at the hands of our self-serving political leaders from both Establishment parties. The Establishment has managed to corrupt just about every institution in our culture, and the uneasiness that is felt by a large portion of our population is due to the fact that many Americans are beginning to experience a loss of the principles that have been ingrained in our culture for centuries, which gave them some hope for a better life, if one was willing to work for it.
Many in our culture have bought into the idea that the government can give us these things, but they fail to realized that this can only happen if the government takes from those that have worked for it, and this appears to be acceptable to an uneducated segment of our population, they fail to not the conditions of other nations around the world that have followed this prescription.
It’s doubtful that a candidate for the Presidency today could be elected if that candidate expressed all the requirements that were necessary to get the Nation back to the basic principles that are the structural supports of our Constitution, but at this point one could look at it as a blessing if we had a candidate that could get at least twenty-five percent of the principles back on the board, and even if that candidate were to try and move us back in that direction he/she would find strong opposition from all the institutions that have corrupted our system up to this point. We can no longer count on our government to address the problems that our Nation is facing, because it has created almost all of the problems that we are currently experiencing, and it’s hard to believe that we have reached this point out of pure stupidity, the only other option is that our current position is the result of international manipulations over the past four generations.  
Our elected representatives (government) has continually lied to us, have put the Nation deeper in debt, failed to maintain and provide for an effective defense force, which just happens to be one of its prime requirement, it is supporting forces that are intent on destroying us, it has turned its back on many long term friends, it has fostered a multination culture, which is in direct opposition of a principle of our Constitution, it has managed to segregate elements of our culture and put them in opposition positions to one another, turning back some of the positive moves that were happening in the past, it has created a bureaucratic system that has put a huge burden on many of our private institutions, this list could go on, but this should give the reader some concept of the importance of this coming general election.
Every vote is going to count during this election, there have been moves made by this administration to influence the direction of the election, it’s going to be up to every citizen to determine the direction we go in, do you really want to continue in the direction we are going in, if so then say goodbye to the Constitution.


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