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There is a phrase being used that appears to be implying that “We’re All Americans”, and therefore we should have a common interest, if this is the intent of the expression, then it could not be further from the truth. It would appear that the saying is being used to imply that we have a common goal, and therefore should be able to work through our problems, but there are a wide variety of views related to being an American, and that’s the basic problem with our culture today.
It might be instructive to take a look at some of these diverse views, most of which disregard the principles of the United States (US) Constitution, and this bone of contention is the primary aspect that our attention is being diverted away from. Three of the following forms of government will lead eventually to a form of dictatorship: The first group is composed of Americans that think the country should let all peoples of other nations in mass into our country, but it does not stop there, they also suggest that the taxpayer should support them until they get into a position where they can maintain a reasonable living condition, some in this group even suggest that these illegal immigrants should be allowed to vote, the fact that they have no understanding of the US Constitution is of no importance to this group, they are also open to allowing these groups to establish concentrated enclaves, with no requirement to assimilate into what use to be our culture.
There is another group that is primarily interested in a cheap labor force, this group is made up of so called American multi-international corporations, and small in-country private businesses, this group is concerned about their bottom line, and have no real concern over the displacement of the American work force.
When one takes into account the number of people that come into the country on work visas, and the number of positions that are moved off shore to other countries, the displacement of American workers becomes a major problem.
The third group is composed of citizens that suggest that all Americans should be paid a livable wage, which they have determined to be fifteen dollars an hour, which would push many businesses out of business, but this group of intellects that were produced by our current educational system are incapable of seeing the shortcomings of their recommendations.
They have a myopic view of the economic environment, which precludes
any rational incorporation of a wide range of salient variables.
The fourth position is held by people that believe in the core principles of the US Constitution, there are many individuals that give the Constitution lip service, but are totally devoid of any understanding of the core principles, and if one were to judge the actions of most of our elected officials, they would have to concluded that at least ninety-five
percent of our elected officials, at all levels of government, have little or no understanding of these principles.
Our government is moving in a direction that is in direct opposition to the principles of the Constitution, the Administrative Branch has enhanced its power during this administration’s tenure, and it’s attempting to continue this processes, even though there is only two months or less left in its reign, and it has made its intent clear, it appears that this administration has absolutely no respect for the US Constitution and its basic core principles.
When one takes into consideration these four groups and their conflicting positions, it becomes clear that all Americans are not the same, and if you happen to be a member of the latter group, you have to have some very deep concerns for what is going to be a catastrophic outcome, which cannot be avoided, but if addressed correctly may start to show some observable corrections within a year’s time, if steps are taken to address the problems that have been created by this administration and the Establishment.
These diverse forces are building up in a pressure cooker, and it only needs a little more heat applied to blow up, and all the ingredients are in place for this to occur prior to the election.


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