For Your Consideration: We’re Not Winning!

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The administration has stated that we are winning against terrorism, and that its approach is keeping our citizenry safe, the government’s statement is incorrect. The government has had some proactive successes, the extent of which is hard to ascertain, and in many cases the government’s reasoning for keeping many of the particulars secret are rational, but the government falls short when it comes to initiating a solid proactive approach that eliminates the core factors that enable the terrorist to function in a wide variety of environments, and to defeat this threat to humanity it’s going to need the same kind of efforts that are applied in a world war environment, and this is going to be messy because it’s an ideology that we are fighting, and they don’t wear uniforms, and they are operating from within most of the nations in the world, and not all these nations recognize the threat, that would include our current administration.
Credit should be given the government agencies that address many of our problems from a reactive position (after the terrorist act has been performed), but that is primarily to the refinements that have been made in data collection and analysis, the government continually implies that it’s due to the massive data mining that it does on every citizen. The contribution that data mining contributes to resolving an act is small, but the potential for the misuse of this information is huge, which has been demonstrated by past government actions.  
The Establishment, or at least a good portion of it, appears to be accepting the inevitability of this threat, and its position is often supported by Pravda and its subsidiaries (the lame stream media), when most of the population is receiving its information on the run, and put little time and effort into evaluating the information they are receiving, it’s understandable why there is little concern until there is an attack at some location in the country, but the administration does a good job of minimizing the act. For the most part the public is having their attention misdirected by statements the administration makes, and are repeated by Pravda. It’s doubtful that our military has lost all of its intelligence operatives, but if we still have any they are being kept under  wraps, considering what this administration has done to our armed forces, it’s not too much of a stretch to think the intelligences service is going through the same dismantlement.
It would appear that there is a large portion of the population that does not realize this threat is tied in with at least four or five functions that are very rapidly destroying our country, but this administration and the media don’t want the electorate to make the connections to these various other areas.
Any Intelligence Agent worth his/her salt could tell you that this problem needs to be addressed now, and a continuation of the current practices will only hasten the dissolution of the Nation. It would be incorrect to ascribe a motivation to the President’s actions, but putting motivation aside, it’s clear that his actions are damaging many of our institutions and cultural norms, just look back over the past eight years and the changes the nation has gone through, that’s not to say that some of the groundwork had not been going on before Obama assumed the Presidency.
It might be instructive to look at the change in large portions of the population and their attitudes towards politicians and the media, there is a feeling of unease in the population, and it’s looking for a stability that we had, or thought we had in the past. It’s time to get past thinking about the power of the political Parties, and concentrate on getting the country’s power back, and establish a feeling of wellbeing in the individual citizen. Each citizen needs to sound the alarm and acknowledge the shortcomings that are destroying our Nation.
There are only six weeks left before the election, and many states have already started to vote, if we have an opportunity to turn things around, it won’t end with the election, the pressure needs to be maintained on all our elected officials, even after the election.


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