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The reader may find the heading to this article somewhat strange, but the reasoning will be made clear on how the Media is contributing to Trump’s popularity. The first point to be made is that the Media and the political Establishment are rated by a large portion of the population as being untruthful, and the Establishment has been showing its concerns over the possibility of Trump’s ascendance to the Presidency, because the cabal fears that Trump will take actions that may disturb the power structure that it has established over generations.
The Media and the political Establishment have been moving in lockstep to present a negative portrait of the candidate with emotive negative rhetoric that is not backed up with specific examples that would support the generalized application of the negative terms being used. These dishonest institutions are relying on the public’s inability to recognize that a singular example is being used to imply that it’s a generalized characteristic trait of the candidate’s, witch is akin to saying, “that white man is prejudice,” and then to say that all white men are prejudice, because these statements are presented in a unified continuous presentation by the various subsidiaries of these institutions, they are eventually accepted as a character trait.
 The first debate by the two Presidential candidates on September the 26th, was a good example of the Media’s and political pundits efforts to minimize Trump’s popularity, but they failed to take into account the view that many people have of these institutions, and when they go to the extreme that they did, it only reinforces the attitude that many people have of these institutions. It’s doubtful that the debate will make a big difference in ether candidates’ position, and the reason for this is that the format and the narrator’s questions and actions were so prejudicial, and Trump failed to minimize or deflect incorrect statements made by the narrator and his opponent, which may have contributed to a draw on this debate.
Trump will have to come to the realization that Pravda is going to do its best to put him in a negative position, even if there is a narrator that presents strong questions to both or the candidates, he will have to become adept at pivoting on a question in a manner that will enable him to minimize the negative aspect, and allow him to move to a significant policy points, which means that he will have to learn to control the narrative when it becomes unfair.
There appears to be some concern by supporters’ of Trump over his inability to respond to many of the
negative positions he was placed in, but they are not the ones that are on stage in real time, and like any medium the skills to function in all of the communications platforms requires different skills, and he will have to do some serious work if he is going to count on the remaining debates to make a contribution to his acceptance as a Presidential candidate, it should not be a prime motivator, but Pravda cam do a lot of damage to a candidate if he/she fails in this medium. The electorate does not nessecerally consider the overall program and the direction it will take the country, if they did they would see that the candidates’ programs are diametrically opposed to each other, the electorate should be evaluating the direction that the candidates’ program will take the country in.
If there is any doubt about the direction that each of the programs will take the country, the following general summation may help: Program one is taking the nation to a global position, which means that our country should be open to any person that is trying escape the living conditions in their location; its position is that government can create jobs, that income should be redistributed to assure that all people should have a reasonable standard of living; that all people should be able to have a home, and a college education, if they want them; it also takes a position that the military needs to be made smaller, and all positions in the military should be gender neutral; and lastly, the government should be in charge of the level of healthcare that each individual receives.
The second position holds that our country has the right to say who may enter the country, and that the individual is willing to assimilate into the Nation’s culture, and is making a contribution to the country; its position is that the private sector should be creating job; it’s suggesting that taxes should be reduced, with only three levels of taxation; eliminating many of the special tax loopholes; stricter and limited government assistance for home ownership and college; a stronger military; greater support for law enforcement; turning the healthcare system over to a competitive private sector; and appointing U.S. Supreme Court justices that will uphold the basic principles of the Nation’s Constitution.
There are many more aspects that show the dichotomy between the two positions.


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