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It’s time for a reality check, the Establishment cabal, which is comprised, in part, of both political Parties, and at least 95% of all forms of national media are out to destroy Trump’s bid for the Presidency over a crude comment made in a conversation over eleven years ago, it could have been made any time before he committed to run for the Presidency, it does not excuse the action. The reader should keep in mind that there are a variety of subculture in our society that are not considered acceptable in open every day communications, and because he took an active role of working with and knowing many of these workers at all levels that were involved in his construction projects, it was a normal form of communication for most of this subculture.
The other side of this coin, which may have been a contributing factor made by the individual female, it should not be a surprise to most people that there are women that would allow certain actions by a man that is famous, or rich, in hope of establishing a relationship, or receiving a benefit, or even just bragging rights, we can’t ignore this fact of life when it’s displayed in our media almost every day, and yet the media ignores this fact, and applies the comment to suggest that this is his attitude towards all women, even young children. It’s doubtful that there are any individuals that have not made a remark or committed an action that they did not regret, and hopefully they are very few, because one should be honest to one’s self, if they are really interested in becoming a more mature individual.
When one considers the environment that Trump inhabited, and the changes he has made in this short period of time, and the speed that he has adapted to a political environment, which he has never functioned in at any level, makes this man’s progress truly outstanding.  There have been missteps, which are to be expected, even by individuals that have operated in a given environment for most of their lives, but he does not hesitate to correct the missteps. Trump may have misjudged the degree of hatred that would be heaped upon him by the political Establishment, and its associated symbiotic units, but that is not unusual, because there appears to be many people that cannot accept the fact that this is the real danger of what our Nation is going to face if this cabal is not stopped here and now.
Trump has seen what the American worker can do when he/she is given the opportunity to work in a system that expects excellence, and believes this can be accomplished through out the Nation, if only we could get the political Establishment’s boot off the necks of our private entrepreneurs, and reduce the crony capitalism that our politicians love so much.
Trump was asked one time what sacrifice has he made in life when the comparison was made by a military man that gave his life for our freedom, and he replied that he has sacrificed everything he has worked for his entire life. Just take some time to put yourself in Trump’s shoes and think of what is going to happen to his life’s work when the Establishment begins to smell blood, it will behave like a pack of rabid dogs, and totally destroy every vestige of his empire, it will want to ensure that no one else will ever get the idea that they can buck the system. He may not lose his life, but he could lose everything he has worked for during his life time, not to mention the jobs that will be lost as a result of the collapse of his empire.
And please take into consideration all of our military men that have died in defense of our individual freedoms and our Constitution, which they have all given their oath to protect and defend.
They did not die to defend any political party, or multi-national corporation. If only our political leaders would go to the same extent as our military personnel in fulfilling their oath.


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