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When listening to most of the rhetoric during this campaign season, it’s understandable that the electorate would have a hard time deciding which candidate they should vote for, but there is an approach that will serve to eliminate all the diverting tactics utilized by the candidates, some of which do serve a purpose.
There is one important fact to keep in mind, and that’s the fact that at least 65%  to 75% of the electorate is dissatisfied with the direction this going in, this dissatisfaction is due to a verity of reasons, and most people can’t see the interaction that goes on between these various elements.
Let’s dispense a major point of contention, which is Trump’s attacks on the charges that are being put against him by the opposition, this point is important because the emotional response if the easiest reaction to initiate, because it does not require the brain to function at a higher rational level.
To deny Trump’s use of this form of communication reduces his ability to communication with a large portion of the electorate, and the Progress left would love that, they are use to the Establishment Republicans going into a fetal position when they apply this tactic.
It would appear that many of Trump‘s supporters are pleased to see the Progressive’s tactics being challenged, but there are more than a few pundits that suggest he should cease using this approach, this advice is ill-advised, but many of these pundits would be pleased to see Trump loss the election.
Frequently the two candidates will appear to be saying the same thing, but there are major differences in how they are going to approach resolving the problems the Nation is facing, and this is where Trump appears to have a major advantage, because he knows that he has to surround himself with people that are experts in given areas, and will not function as yes men or women.
The other aspect that is a positive is the fact that he thinks outside the box, and he is not constrained by bureaucratic Establishment thinking, which can be a very limiting factor when it comes to resolving many of the problems we face.
The two primary candidates are diametrically opposed to each other, and at this point in our history there is no real opportunity for voting one’s conviction, when one takes into consideration the Progressives control
over all the Nation’s government and cultural institutions, any person that thinks they will have a better chance in four more years is living in a world of unreality, and fails to see the extent of the Progressives control over our culture.
Trump is still an unknown quantity, but he has one thing going for him, the Progressives and the political Establishment are opposed to his election, which is a good indication that the power structure has some real concern that
he may be able to impede their acquisition of more power, and any move in the direction of reducing the cabal’s acquisition of power, and increasing that of the individual’s is something that a majority of the citizens are really calling for.
Trump is the only candidate on the board at this time that can meet some of the requirements that are needed to pull us back from the edge.


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