For Your Consideration: Real Potential for Voting Exploitation

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There are many people that are suggesting that there is too much being made of voting irregularities, but one has to gain a bird’s eye view of this cultural problem, and it is a cultural problem! If the reader was to take a Gestalt prospective of the Establishment’s forces that are being applied to mold our culture, the answer would have to be a resounding, yes. The reader would have a better perspective if they reviewed past articles dealing with the totality of the Establishment, but for now a more restrictive view will be presented, which deals with some of the more direct tactics that are use to manipulate the electorate’s voting.    
The first tactic that is applied is the use of polls that are designed to give a view that is intended to protect the Establishment, and make any electorate that has a contrary view of the Establishment as being incorrect. These individuals are condemned with derogatory labels that have no contact with reality, but that does not matter. Another tactic is to move illegal immigrants into critical voting districts that have loose voting rules, with a high potential for acceptance of their votes. Most voting districts have a very poor record of purging their voting rolls of deceased and moved voters, and this is an opportunity for cheating with early absentee voting. Another way of cheating is for individuals that have two homes, and are registered to vote in both districts, and they send in an absentee ballot for the district that they are not currently in. The Establishment would have the electorate believe that computerized voting that is run by the states is safe and protected, when they can’t even protect systems that are loaded with highly classified material, it is even suggesting that it should run the computers in all states. Have we become so simple minded that we would accept this suggestion as rational?  
The items presented so far are an unknown contribution as to the extent of damage they contribute to undermining a candidate’s chances, but knowing the extent the Establishment will go to influence an election, this tactic should not be a surprise. One would have to have some serious doubts over their estimates that polls are suggesting.  
The biggest problem is how the two major Parties establish and distribute their delegates in each of the states, with each state having its own setup, which can change for every election depending on the Party in power, and each Party has its own system, with the ability to change the selective methods before the election, and in many cases the selection does not have to represent the voters within a given district. This system is far from being a representative system that the Establishment has been suggesting for generations, but the electorate continues to suck on the pacifier that the Establishment has been handing out to the electorate. Keep in mind that the political Parties are interested in expanding their power, and most of the representatives are concerned about maintaining their positions within the power structure, not in the individual’s ability to move vertically in our culture according to one’s ability. That’s an old fashioned concept that those old white men had when they drafted the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, so much for our Founding Documents.
This is the bottom of the 9th inning, and there are only two teams play in this game, and suggest that you would rather see another team win will not change the lineup, each of the teams have a radically different lineup, now it’s up to you to decide which lineup is going to work best for the country and the individual, but remember this, if you don’t vote you are taking an action, and if you vote for a team that is not in the game, your still taking an action, this is truly a case of the lesser of two evils, and by taking any other action than voting for one of the two major teams you will be contribution to one or the other, don’t think that you can say that you did not vote for either one of the teams and feel that this position will absolve you from the results.
The electorate will have to think independently of the media rhetoric, because at least 95% is biased and distorted. Three-quarters of our population are dissatisfied with the direction the Nation is going in, and it looks like we will find out in less than two weeks.


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