For Your Consideration: It is Time for a Change

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The electorate is continually being told by both political Parties that they are going to change things, and make life better for the little guy, but it never seems to work out that way, as a matter of fact things appear to be going downhill with each passing administration. Whatever political Party is in power at the time always suggest that things are getting better, that might be true for the Party, but the same cannot be said for the man on the street. The only groups that seem to be doing better are the major political Parties and the cabal they associate with, which is due to their symbiotic relationship.
Both political parties have been practicing trickle-up, but it’s no longer a trickle, the Establishment has turned the faucet to full force, and if this is not reversed now, it might be impossible to do it at some point in the future, without totally disrupting our country, even now it’s liable to cause some turmoil, because those that have attained the power are going to be very reluctant to give it up without a fight. The biggest problem is that the Federal government has amassed so much power, that it will be almost impossible to remove that power and send it back to the states if a President is elected that is more interested in maintaining the power at that level.
It seems improbable that many voters are totally unaware of the corruption in our legal system, but when one considers what Pravda is putting out for news, and the indoctrination that our students are going through, stating at a very early age, maybe one should not be surprised. There appears to be a complete lack of critical thinking being taught in many of our classrooms, especially when it comes to the instruction that our future teachers are receiving.  
Another area that has changed over the generations is the inability of the individual to take responsibility for his/her actions, more and more people are inclined to blame others for their shortcomings, and going along with this attribute, there is also an expectation that one should receive something that they have not worked for, this is prominent in the work arena when individuals hold the same job title, and one person feels like he/she should get the same pay, regardless of the differences in contributions being made by each individual to the business. The are many changes that need to be made if the country is to be strong, stable, and productive, but we should not be so foolish as to think that we can make these changes within one President’s term in office, it is going to take at least one generation to see any substantial changes in our culture, and that is being optimistic. We are less than a week away for the general election; each voter should put some serious thought into where we are at, and where we want to go. Keep in mind that there are only two teams playing in this ballgame, and they have positions that are diametrically different. Don’t fail to vote responsibly on the 8th.


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