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America may know by now what direction it’s going to go in, but there is still a possibility that it may have to go to the delegates in the Electoral College, or have the election contested due to voting irregularities. There is a feeling running through the Nation that this is the most contentious election the country has ever had, it’s safe to say that it’s the most bizarre election seen by any living individual. In the potential of five outcomes there is only one option that may lead to moving towards the reestablishment of some basic Constitutional principles, the other four options will continue to give results that are in direct opposition to the principles’ of the Constitution.
One of the prime principles is that the power rests with the individual; any action that lessens the individual’s ability to function independently is an action that may be taking us away from one of the prime principles, perhaps the most important one. If the power rests with any group it’s taking us away from the intent of our Constitution. There are other considerations that need to be taken into account, such as borders, langue, and assimilation of the citizenry under the principles of the Constitution. Our system was designed to protect the individual from groups or other individuals looking to gain power over another individual. Granted, the system is complex, but it’s the only one that allows for a free expression of ideas in a competitive environment that would advance our culture far beyond that of other nations lacking our system. This last point is something that most people miss, it enables an environment for the establishment of a true competitive capitalistic system, which is immensely more productive than the crony capitalistic system that we have had for generations.
It would be unrealistic to think that our society could eliminate crony capitalism, but steps can be taken to make it harder for it to function, as it stands now our culture is encouraging cronyism.
Our Founders were fully aware of many of mans’ shortcomings, and they continually warned that for the system to work it would require constant vigilance on behalf of the citizenry, but this point has been ignored since the very beginning of our Nation. They also knew that it was always going to be a work in progress, but the destroyers of the Constitution are interpreting this point as a change without regard for the basic principles, and they appear to be successful at selling their warped version.  
There is another shortcoming that appears to be deeply ingrained in our thinking, and that is the idea that we are a democratic society, but this concept goes counter to the basic principle that the individual should be allowed to control his/her life, but in order for our culture to come closer to the intent of the Constitution, our representatives would have to know the basic principles, and apply them in a manner that would not inhibit the individual’s freedom any more than necessary to maintain public order. It should be evident to the reader that a lot of work needs to be accomplished if we are to fulfill some of the ideals that have been set forth for us, but one should not delude themselves that the goal is ever going to be achieved,  man has too many shortcomings, and the probability of doing away with them is close to 0, but we can do better than we are doing. One can only hope that the electorate will vote to maintain the one thing that makes this country distinctive from all other nations, by rejecting the Establishment’s efforts to remove the basic principles of the Constitution, which will make our Nation the same as every other nation in the world, which will mean that we will continue to make the same mistakes that every other nation has made throughout history.


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