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The country now has an answer to the direction that it may be taking in the coming years, but given the resistance that the Establishment put up against the candidate the movement made advances that surprised many people. The silent majority gave a resounding rejection to the continuation of the policies of the past eight years; if the results were looked at objectively the results of both the Electoral College and the popular vote would reflect the same results, when one takes into consideration the number of illegal immigrants that voted, the number of felons that were permitted to vote in certain states, and the number of illegal absentee ballots that were filled out with bogus information. There were many other forms of infractions that were reported, but action was never taken to correct the problem, taking these infractions into account in all probability would show an agreement between the Electoral College and the popular vote.
The radical Progressive Liberals are showing that the concerns many people have expressed over the actions that have been taken by the current and past administrations were taking the country in the wrong direction, and this would be the last opportunity to prevent the dissolution of our Constitution, which has been the primary thrust of the Establishment. It’s interesting to see the reactions of the radical Progressives to the results of the general election, they are exhibiting all the traits they have been attributing to Trump’s movement, but this condition was known by a good portion of the electorate before the election. Now the real work begins, but don’t think the Progressive radicals, and the Establishment are going to discontinue their efforts to maintain their control.
Thankfully the electorate is beginning to see these groups for what they are, and their actions will only solidify the concerns that many Americans have with these groups.
If the new administration approaches the problems we face intelligently we should be able to see some very positive results within two years, the stock market is already suggesting that it feels the positions being advocated will be positive for the Nation’s economy.
One gets the impression from pundits in the media that everything can be accomplished within a short period to time, but they fail to take into account that the problems we face have developed over generations, and to undo these dysfunctional programs is going to take time and a lot of adjustments to ensure that we don’t create more problems, this has been the major problem with how we have addressed our problems in the past.
When one takes into consideration the fact that the Establishment is going to resist any changes that will lessen its hold on power, which is going to slow down the corrections that need to be made to move our country back to a position that our Founders intended for the country.
Getting back to a point where the electorate can think rationally, with some understanding of the Nation’s Constitution is going to take a lot of work, this is evident to anyone that listens to the pundits in the media, and our educational system is an impediment that will not be changed easily.
The primary point is that we do have a chance to turn the country around, but it would be a mistake to think that this is going to happen within the President’s first term, or even the second term, but we should be able to see that we are moving in the right direction.
The electorate will have to stay on its toes, and help the administration when the Establishment starts to block moves that may reduce its power; it’s also important that we make sure the administration does not go back on its promise to the electorate.
One last point, the Establishment is attempting to trying to sell the public that it’s all about jobs, and once that is corrected there should be no more concerns, don’t buy into this false premise.


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