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There is a shortcoming in our thinking, and it’s the lack of understanding “The Web”, which is in continual flux, and is never repeated, except in gross outcomes.
There is a tendency for people to think inside the box, which may be influenced by one’s profession, political affiliation, ideology, or any other number of groupings that may influence one’s perspective of what is happening at any given point in time. The problem with this type of thinking is that it does not take into account the continual fluxes in the web, and individuals often support their positions by using past examples, which are frequently inaccurate except for some limited gross trends.
It’s not clear that our Founders were aware of the web, but their prescription for allowing the individual to control his/her own destiny was a suggestion that would enable the species to advance over time, but they also realized that individuals would have to be educated, and have the ability to think critically, and understood that they would also have to respect another’s rights. It’s this emphasis on the individual’s ability to attain their goals according to their ability and drive, and it’s this aspect that makes our form of government unlike any other, because all other forms of governance are a form of dictatorship by a group or an individual.
If we learned to think outside the box, and to incorporate more of the web in our thinking, Man would not be so sure of himself, and would start to question some of the concepts that have been created by thinking inside the box, that’s not to say that humans would not continue to make mistakes, but they would be in a better position to make some fine adjustments that would be less problematic than the solutions that were formed with thinking that originated with in box thinking.
A good case in point is the approach that Trump is using to form his position, the actions he’s taking are in line with his paradigm, but his paradigm is not aligned with the paradigm that our Constitution had intended for us to follow, however there are some overlapping of principles in the two paradigms, and it may take this meld to eventually arrive at a paradigm that more closely approaches a Constitutional paradigm.
The closer the human species gets to the Constitutional paradigm the more rapid idly the species will advance, because the free thinking will act as a catalyst for connections in the web, and this explosion will not be limited to a certain group of people, it can eventually become part of the fabric of our culture. This movement is the very thing that the Establishment is concerned about, because it will eventually negate the Establishment’s control over the masses. The end result is an ideal perspective, and one should not expect to achieve these results during the life time of any individuals living today, but it’s possible to see the beginnings of the ideal concept during the next three generations, if we are not distracted by the efforts of the Establishment.
For now the electorate at least has an opportunity to establish a new direction, but it’s still going to require a lot of work, and the new administration is going to need all the help it can get from the electorate, but that help should also ensure that the new administration lives up to the commitment that it made to the electorate.
The initial stages look promising, but it’s the actions and the results of those actions that are going to determine the effectiveness of the new administration.


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