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Many Americas find themselves in an unusual position of making more money, but having less discretionary money at the end of each year, and this is all happening while the Federal government is suggesting that it’s not going up on our income taxes, but there are hundreds of other areas that the Federal government can raise taxes in, and this is true for every level of government down to the taxes applied by the city government, but it does not stop there, because when the government applies a tax to a business that is passed on to the consumer.
The government tries to convince the citizenry that it’s the business that are applying the additional tax, buy it’s just the government’s way of trying to lay the blame on businesses.
The tax scam is not the only thing that is contributing to the loss of discretionary income, businesses are contributing to the problem due to the actions that they take, for any number of reasons, one of which is wage increases, this aspect has a snowball effect throughout our economy, that ends up hurting our ability to compete with other nations, ending up with a reduction of our labor force, just one more example of failing to take into account the web. We need to get the government out of the business of setting wage levels, the government’s position may be laudable, but the practice is creating problems that the government is unable to comprehend.
Businesses have created another problem by establishing a standard cost for performing a given task, this is the result of unions, that have come up with a number of methods to eliminate competition in certain fields, which goes counter to the free enterprise position of our culture. This approach, like that of wages, does not take into account the various costs of living in regions around the nation.
Another action that multinational corporations are taking is outsourcing much of their work to foreign nations, and a lot of this outsourcing has nothing to do with the fact that they are build plants to sell products that are being bought in that country or any other country in that area. Have you ever tried to resolve a problem that you were having with a service that is being provided by a multinational corporation in the United States and ended up getting assistance from a representative in another country that did not have a full understanding of how the system functioned in America, however, they have a standard reply that is never changed regardless of the logic in your position, and trying to get an in-country representative is just about impossible.
There is no reason that this function could not be performed in-country, but the corporation farms out the program because they can provide this poor service for less cost, some corporations have even moved their billing functions to off-shore service providers, which is a clear indication that they are not concerned about their customers.
There are too many tactics that are employed by a wide range of institutions to cover in this short article, but one more should be noted, the example will take a specific product, but it can be applied to a wide range of products. There is a product that nations run on, it’s called a watch, it has an hour, minute, and second hand, if set correctly it will indicate the time of day in your time zone.
This function remained constant for at least two centuries, but within the last forty years a self-winding watch was developed, all a person had to do is move their hand and the watch would wind itself.
Fast forward to today, and all anyone seems to carry is battery operated watches, which will run until the battery goes dead, the life of the battery depends on the watch and battery, and the replacement cost can run anywhere from five dollars on up, and changing batteries can be a task, especially for an older person, but the cost for telling time has now gone up at least ten dollars a year, plus the initial cost of the watch. In the 50’s you could buy a watch for thirty dollars, that would last more than thirty years, and all one had to do is remember to wined it, or reset it when it ran down.
Some people might say that this is making a mountain out of a mole hill, but when one considers the time taken up to get another battery, and the gas, that cost has increased over a thirty year period. Remember this is just one product, and there are countless other products that are finding ways to extract your hard earned dollars.


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