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The Federal government appears intent on initiating a program for social engineering that is forcing the individual to conform to actions and thoughts that it deems appropriate. The government is employing every institution under its control, in both the private and public sectors, to accomplish this objective. These procedures go counter to the basic principles of our Constitution, but they are essential if the aim is to control the citizenry, or to put it another way, to establish a dictatorship.
The intent of our Founders was to maximize the individual’s freedom, and minimize government’s control over the individual. The Establishment is in a tumult over the President elect’s nomination, and is doing everything it can to sabotage the ascendency of the President elect to the office of President. The Establishment is not concerned with the President elect’s Constitutional position, but it’s very concerned about the potential damage he will inflict on many of the institutions that the Establishment has developed over the past two centuries that has enabled it to control the citizenry, because there is some overlap with some of the President elect’s programs that are aligned with the basic principles of the Constitution. The electorate needs to take this into consideration when these various Establishment institutions attack the President elect, which will continue into his Presidency if he attains the position.
Evaluating the information and misinformation that the electorate receives on a daily bases is almost impossible, it’s best to wait for the results of actions taken to evaluate their impact over time, but one still needs to be aware of changes that are being made by the Establishment with regard to a definition that is applied to a term, to ensure that there has been no change in the meaning of a term that is being evaluate. The Establishment’s intent is to keep the electorate’s mind in a constant state of confusion with its endless speculation, don’t allow the Establishment to prevent you from homing in on the factual information with its endless speculation. The media has come up with a term that is being applied to Trump for creating all this confusion in individuals, but in fact it’s the media that is creating the confusion with its endless speculation, don’t buy into this ruse.  
There is something else that voters need to keep in mind, and that is the fact that the condition the Nation is in has taken over two centuries to evolve, and it’s unreasonable to expect that we can unravel ourselves from this mess, given the fact that the Establishment has corrupted every institution, both public and private, but the Establishment will be suggesting that nothing is working. The observer will have to be satisfied with minor changes throughout time. If you’re paying any attention to the pundits, you may have noticed that they are applying an incorrect definition to the term capitalism, part of this is the result of changes in cultures around the world.
It’s clear that there will have to be some changes made in how we are looking at many of our institutions, but this can still be done if we keep in mind that it’s our Constitutional system that we are looking to protect, and it’s not a globalist approach that we need to be satisfying, but the Establishment will continue to try and sell this position, which is incompatible with our Constitution.
Globalism does not recognize the sovereignty of a state, and given Man’s thirst for power, it’s a concept that is irrational; some may suggest that the same thing can be said for the position taken for our Constitution, and there may be some truth in that position, but the problem rests with the individual that still has control, and not the Establishment.
The point is that the voter should not be deterred by the lack of rapid improvements that would reflect the Founders intent for our Nation.


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