For Your Consideration: A Time for Healing

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There is no better time to consider the state of the Nation and the message that was given to Christians over two thousand years ago, there are some people that would relegate the message to the trash heap, along with the principles that are the bedrock of the Nation’s Constitution. There are some indications that the next administration may do away with many of the practices that have been introduced to our culture over the past two generations, by a variety of institutions that have little concern for harmony in the Nation’s culture.
It will be refreshing if we can do away with most of the political correct speech that has developed over the years, things like saying Merry Christmas, because it may offend one individual, and yet they ignore the fact that it offends many individual because they are  bullied into abstaining from using the phrase.  What right do they have to say that a community can’t mention God in its Public meetings, this has been a practice of new arrivals’ to the New World from the very beginning, which naturally preceded the formation of the Nation. There is no intent to harm a person when another person wishes them a Merry Christmas, there are a number of ways to accept the salutation, even if you’re not a Christian, or even believe in God.
There are many cultures around the world that speak any language a protester will feel comfortable with, and have many of the same cultural aspirations that demonstrators are trying to force upon this nation, so if they can’t appreciate the uniqueness of the United States of America, there are plenty of other countries that have the cultural aspects that these individuals are  looking to install into this Nation; there is no intention of ill will, but there are no walls keeping these demonstrators here, they are free to leave, or stay and accept the principles of our Constitution.
Another commendable point of view that the new administration is taking is the elimination of grouping people into categories, and presenting a level playing field for individuals. The elimination of catering to special groups, should have been done away with a long time ago, individuals should be able to attain whatever he/she wants according to their abilities.
Our politicians have been responsible for much of this division, and it’s done to ensure their reelection, and is determined by the various groups in their districts, this tendency is going to be very difficult to eliminate, because the politicians keep coming up with new giveaway programs that require more tax dollars for them to maintain their positions.
Although many citizens may be praying for healing, it would be irresponsible to ignore the fact that forces have been active in the various institutions of our culture are going to go away quietly, it’s not part of their makeup; they are already sending messages that they are not going to allow the Nation to reestablish the country’s Constitutional principles, so the healing may take longer than many of us were hoping for.
The Constitution has as its basic framework incorporated many of the principles of the Judeo-Christian religion, but this does not mean other religions are excluded from our culture, but they do have to be amendable to accepting these principles.
We have an administration that is embracing Christmas, which is a good first step of putting political correctness in the trash heap, but there is still a lot of faulty thinking that does not conform to the principles of the Constitution.
This is a wish for a Merry Christmas, and for a swift return to taking America back to its roots.


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