For Your Consideration: A New Year's Baby

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People are familiar with how the New Year is presented, with a new born baby in dippers, while the past year is represented by an old man with a long beard, and wearing a long robe. The coming year may have to come up with a new representation, because it’s hard to visualize the coming year as being the same as past years. There is an impression that the President elect is going to give us a year that is unlike any the Nation has experienced in the past.
Pundits are trying to label the President elect in the framework of the existing political parties, this is a big mistake, because he is not interested in either of the political parties, he made this clear before he got into politics, he did what he needed to do to make his business a success, but pundits are attributing his actions as an acceptance of  the system, but he was leaning all the things that the government was doing that made it harder for many entrepreneurs to survive in our bureaucratic system. It would appear that he intends to eliminate as many roadblocks as he can while he is in office.
The President elect is going to drive his advisories nuts, because he’s not going to let them know what he’s going to do, because this would suggest that he has limitations, and that is a disadvantage when negotiating a deal, the same can be said for the actions that are taken to protect the country, because our opponents can’t protect themselves from all the methods that we may or can use to destabilize them. Pundits are suggesting that he does not have a plan, quite the contrary, he has a wide variety of options, where, when, and how they are applied will depend on the landscape at the time they are applied.
It’s safe to say that the President elect will not be able to accomplish all the things he wants to do, but it looks like he is appointing a cabinet that is highly qualified to do the jobs they have been appointed to.
Some people are concerned that the people he has chosen are not from the working class or the Establishment, but that does not appear
to concern the President elect, he seem more concerned that they will work to execute the programs that he intends to improve, and he’s not concerned that most of his cabinet is wealthy.
The President elect is task oriented to come up with solutions for the problems the Nation is experiencing, with no regard for how his actions are going to impact either of the political parties.
This last point is what’s so concerning to the Establishment, because of the high probability that many of these actions will disrupt their power structure.
The electorate should know within two years how effective this New Year’s Baby is going to be, but if one were forced to make a pre-nomination judgment, the outcome looks positive, but this pundit could be just as wrong as most of the other pundits that have presented their opinions.  
Regardless of the outcome, this pundit can wish our readers and the country a healthy, joyous, and prosperous New Year.


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