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The handwriting is already on the wall, the outgoing administration has suggested that it’s not going anywhere, and it will still have many of the Establishment institutions to support the efforts of the outgoing administration. This movement is being referred to as a “Shadow Government”, which will continue to do everything it can to prevent the new administration from disrupting the policies that it has initiate over the past eight year, even though a sizeable portion of the population has indicated that the country is going in the wrong direction.
The far left portion of the Establishment has been working during the past eight years to ensure it would have the numbers and laws in place that would ensure that retaining its power for the Presidency during the General election, but the concentration was directed to controlling the outcome in large population centers, this along with the power that has been placed in the President’s hands over the past four generations gave the Left the impression that it could do anything it wanted to do. Many observers were greatly concerned with what was perceived as a forgone outcome, given the media, and the fact that most of the Establishment institutions were aligned with the current administration. They did not consider the fact that the media had lost a lot of its influence with the general public, and the canard that the administration and the media were presenting was not working with the general public.
The general public was not looking for just a change, it wanted a complete reversal in the direction the country was going in, and this attitude was held by members of both political parties.
The current administration is suggesting that this is just a cyclical anomaly, but it may find that it’s much more than that when the new administration is sworn in on January the 21st.  
It’s going to be very interesting to see how the Left reacts when the President elect starts to utilize all the tactics the current President has employed during his tenure, and he would be foolish not to use them to eliminate the practices that are keeping the country from realizing its full potential .
The states and the U.S. Congress have allowed too much power to be concentrated in the hands of the President over the centuries, and that needs to be corrected, but there are some individuals that would not be unhappy to see a President continue to misuse the power that he currently has to put things back to what was intended in the beginning of the Nation’s formation.
There is still a ton of work that needs to be done to correct for things that could not be foreseen, by the Founders, but our system can be adjusted without losing the basic principles of the Constitution.
The President has taken a number of actions that he believes will box the President elect in once he ascends to the  office, but he just may be opening doors for him to take action in areas that he may have otherwise ignored, and some of these actions are making the current President look small, such as the action taken to hurt Russia for supposedly influencing our Presidential election, but the Russian President’s response to our President by saying he was not going to take any retaliatory action, until he had an opportunity to see what kind of a relationship the two countries would have under the new administration.
Some people are concerned that the President elect is going to be taken in by the Russian President, but if one were to look at what he has done up to this point, they should be assured that this is not going to happen, but it would appear that there are still a large number of people that have not figured Trump out, and this oversight is going to make for a very interesting four years, so buckle-up, it’s going to be a wild ride.


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