For Your Consideration: Upside-down Peter Principle

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There are a number of pundits criticizing the President elect for the selections he’s making for his cabinet, most of this criticism appears to be related to their wealth and the fact that they are not a part of the Establishment bureaucracy, but they have proven to be individuals that are task oriented, and are not concerned with party affiliations. There are a number of members of the Establishment that perceive this approach as a threat to their power structure.
The theory behind the Peter Principle is that individuals advance through the bureaucratic system as a result of being members of a particular Party, and have proven to be members that serve the aspirations of the Party, and this behavior has little to do with resolving the problems the country is facing. The people the President elect has chosen for his cabinet are task oriented pragmatists, which do not have conflicting positions in the area they are responsible for. Comments have been made that some of the cabinet members hold positions that are no in line with the positions the President elect holds, but these contradictory positions are not part of the responsibilities of the positions they are being charged to run, but pundits will conflate these positions with the cabinet member’s assigned function.
The President elect has also set up a system of point and counterpoint to ensure that he is getting a balanced  presentation of the pros and cons on the positions that are being evaluated when decisions are being made, and he has no hesitation when it comes to correcting an action that is not yielding the expected results, this is an action that one does not find within the Establishment bureaucracy.
Most pundits make the mistake of thinking that the President elect needs to function in a manner that’s employed by the bureaucracy, which is not conducive to resolving problems.
The President elect has set up a system that is antithetical to the theory behind the Peter Principle, and most pundits are going to be in the dark during the new President’s tenure, because our educational system stopped teaching people how to resolve problems a long time ago. The electorate is in for a treat and education, but they will have to learn to ignore the pundits and the Establishment, and wait for the final results of the actions that are being taken by the new administration. It’s not going to be smooth sailing for the new administration, because the Establishment will continue to thwart the actions of the new administration, and it’s going to be imperative that the electorate gets behind the President to ensure the Nation’s future.
The electorate should not think that the country is going to resolve all of its problems during the new President’s tenure, but we should be able to discern enough of an improvement in many of our institutions to suggest that we are getting back on the right track. The areas that we should be looking at are: our military readiness, improvement in healthcare and its affordability, a reduction in our national debt, better control of our borders, a reduction in crime, moving more control back to the stats, more full time employment in the private sector, an improvement in race relations, a reduction in legislation that hampers entrepreneurship, and some improvement in our educational system. These are just a few areas that we should be able to see some improvement in during his coming term. The electorate needs to keep in mind that all the problems in the areas noted will not be completely resolved, but we should be able to see an improvement in these areas.


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