For Your Consideration: Restructuring the Electoral College

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One might wonder what the Electoral College would look like if a Constitutional purest had an opportunity to restructure it, using the basic principles of the Constitution as a template. Some of the basic principles that might influence the new structure of the Electoral College are as follows: The fact that each  of the fifty states do in fact have individual sovereignty, much the same as any single nation; another principle is that the power is directed to the freedom of the individual, and not to a group or groups; government was supposed to be limited to a level that assured and maintained order, and the establishment of political parties is antithetical to a basic principle of the Constitution; the sole function of the Electoral College is to select a President for the conglomeration of sovereign states, it would seem reasonable to suggest that since this is a Federal position that all states are agreeing on the selection of a leader that all states should have a single method for selecting the President, but this is not what we have, we have political parties making the rules up by the party in power in each of the states.
It would be more fitting to have each district in a state to show the votes cast for each candidate and reflecting the winner in that district, and awarding the position to the candidate that received the highest number of districts for that state, but it’s to take action against Russia, which could spiral into a cold war with Russia, a position that we don’t have sufficient superiority to engage Russia at this time, this is just one more move that will put
Trump in a position that is untenable. If the present administration was looking to have a smooth transition, it would allow Trump some flexibility to take action that would not be perceived quite as aggressive as the one being proposed.
Another area that has contributed to the plight of the Democrats is the results of the polling that was done to the run-up of the election, much of the polling was designed to show the Democrat contender as being the most favored candidate, but these pollsters became aware that they oversold a position that would make it clear that the pollsters were attempting to influence the electorate with the polls they were
producing, and they attempted to bring the polls into conformity with reality just about the time that Director Comey of the FBI was winding up his report on the actions of Hilary Clinton, and it was clear to the Director that the Attorney General was not going to take action.
The actions taken by all participants during this period only added more ambiguity to the equation.
The third factor was the assumptions that the Democratic Party had done everything it could to ensure that the groups it catered to were going to turn out to vote for the Democratic candidate, there were a number of other actions that were taken which gave them the impression that the desired results were assured.
The fact that the Democratic Party outspent Trump, and had most of the Establishment institutions behind the Democratic candidate had to contribute to their positive expectations.
The last item is a compilation of all the previous actions which gave the impression that the Democratic candidate could present herself as a continuation of Obama’s platform, and assumed that there was no need to layout her positions, and her tactic was to deride Trump’s positions as being faulty and ineffective. Hilary Clinton also concentrated on voter turnout and took some of the Blue states for granted, this proved to be a mistake.
The Establishment in effect was the reason that Hilary Clinton lost the election, because it failed to realize that it had lost its sway with a good part of the electorate which no longer bought into its canard that it was selling.
Trump has proven to be an unpredictable candidate, and this is an intentional image that he’s going to maintain throughout his time in office. The electorate will have to wait for final results to determine how his
administration will be judged, but his antagonists will continue to find fault with him with every move he makes, in the end they will be contributing to his popularity, and diminishing their standing with the electorate.


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