For Your Consideration: The Trump Enigma

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One might be tempted to paraphrase Winston Churchill’s quote to describe President Trump as a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. The President does not fit any mold that our culture expects from its President, but many of his actions are intentional, even if they appear to be random and spontaneous. Trump is not politically oriented, his actions are rational and goal oriented, but he functions on a different level, while most pundits and politicians are playing checkers, he’s playing three dimensional chess, but his critics will have to wait a few months or a year to make the connection with what he is doing now, even then most people will not be able to make the connection due to all the things that are continually distracting them.
The pundits are wasting their time trying to categorize him, but there may be a few people that will follow him with delight. This is not to say that he won’t make mistakes, but the mistakes will be corrected quickly. People could learn a lot if they just stopped finding fault and observed his actions and the results that are attained from the actions, but to really benefit they will have to think outside the box, and most people are not comfortable doing that. There’s also some advice for the pundits that are continually giving him advice, you are wasting your time, because he is not going to function at your level, because it’s too dysfunctional. These statements are not aimed at hyping the President; it’s being presented as a rational assessment of the complex paradigm that he is employing. Just to give the reader one example of how the President manipulates his opponents all one needs to do is look at his latest move related to illegal voting. Trump knew that the left would call him out when he made the comment that he also won the popular vote, they even challenged him to present evidence, when he accepted the challenge, there was a cry from the Left that he was just wasting time and money, but an in-depth inquiry will prove that our elections are not being conducted fairly. The President does not really care about the popular vote, he is interested in establishing a strong voter ID system, and a good inquiry will give him the information needed to eliminate many of the problems that plague our voting system, which is the last thing the Left wants to see happen.
There appears to be concern over Trump’s relationship with Putin, but this concern is unwarranted; the President is just suggesting that he wants to approach each person from a neutral position to see what can be accomplish in a beneficial way to both parties, but he does not go into negotiations with a preconceived opinion. The President has even commented on the fact that he has meet with some people that he thought he would like, and ended the contact with an entirely different attitude.  There is a wide spectrum of positions that one may hold on people that one deals with, and when the leader of a country is dealing with other leaders the number of variables that influence that relationship are greatly increased.
The main point is that Trump’s administration has just started and to dump on him at this point is unreasonable, especially when one considers the treatment Obama received.
The President is moving faster than any previous President to fulfill his promise to the people of the Nation, give the man some room to correct any mistakes he may make, and don’t allow Pravda’s attempt to make mountains out of moll hills influence your thinking.


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