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The reader should not take the title of this article as a generalization of the Democrat Party, but it does appear that the far Left progressive portion of the Party has substantial influence over the direction the Party is going in. The two main political parties have gone through major changes over the past two generations, and a number of voters feel that the parties no longer reflect their position, causing many of them to change their affiliation to Independent or Unaffiliated. There seems to be some evidence that President Trump is pulling some of these dissatisfied voters into the Republican Party, that may be due to the fact that he is advocating actions that are more in-line with the stated positions of the Republican party of the past, but he is also carrying through with the stated positions, which the Republican Party failed to do.
The current Democrat Party’s goal appears to be instigating anarchist activities that will cause the government to take actions that will negate the Nation’s Constitution, which will enable the Democrat Party to establish something akin to a Communistic government, but whatever one may call it, it will be a dictatorship with complete control by the central government.  If one were to take into account all the institutions in the government and the private sector it would be clear that the radical progressive Left only needs one more push to achieve their aim; they are still looking to accomplish this by delegitimizing the President. The reader should not be as concerned with the terms being used in the article, the concern should be directed to the goals of the progressive radical Left, which is to make the Nation’s Constitution irrelevant; the Republican Party has made its fair share of contributions to that end.
Our educational system has made a major contribution to the dismantling of our Constitution, because it has failed to present the true uniqueness of this document. That uniqueness has been under attack from the very beginning of our Nation, by forces that are looking to extend their power over the individual. Our culture is currently embroiled in a battle that may very well seal the fate of the Nation’s Constitution, and the electorate can thank the Establishment’s efforts over the previous generations, however the electorate is also at fault for failing to educate themselves to the uniqueness of this document.
The current President is taking many actions that will reestablish some portions of the basic principles, but working through the morass of regulations that have been ensconced into our system will make his task very difficult, and the Establishment is not going to be helping him, because it will limit their power and control. If the electorate wants to protect the freedom of the individual they will have to support the actions that the current administration is trying to implement, if those actions are a reflection of the basic principles in our Constitution.
Any individual that is really interested in making this county what the Founders intended to leave to us, they will have to learn what that will require by teasing out the founding basic principles, which should have been the guide for all our political leaders throughout the centuries, but like everything else they touch, they have also made a morass of the Constitution by inserted incorrect interpretation to the legislation that they have produced over the centuries. This is why it’s so important to ensure that our Constitution receives the positive presentation it deserves.
It’s highly recommended that other governing systems that ours was built on as a part of the educational presentation, and it might be instructive to include systems that are antithetical to the system the Founders gave us. The study of these antithetical systems may make it clear why these systems fail, and why it’s irrational to continually revive them. It’s not enough to show dissatisfaction with our current condition; we really need to know what moves are needed to get us back to the intended course laid out by the Founders.


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