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By / For Your Consideration / Wednesday, 15 February 2017 05:00

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It should be clear to any rational observer that our government has become dysfunctional, and the dysfunction is evident in all three branches of government, this condition has developed over the centuries because institutions have sort to gain power, rather than rational resolving the Nation’s  problems using the basic principles that were in our Constitution when it was first drafted. There have been too many contradictory positions inserted into much of our legislation, which makes it almost impossible to make a move without breaking a law. It was never the intention of the Founders for the Nation to have political parties, but the human species can’t help forming sides on questions, rather than resolving problems with a paradigm that has rational principles.
A good example of the problems we are facing related to government’s dysfunction can be found in the commotion that is being created by the President’s edict to put a temporary hold on all individuals coming from seven Muslim Nations that had been cited by the previous President as being problem areas that needed special attention, when allowing visa holders to enter the country, but it was not made clear that this was not intended to apply to Green card holders.
Green card holders could come in, but they could also be confirmed as being valid card holders. Most people think that a Green card holder cannot be denied entry into the country, this is a misconception, because we have not been checking cards to see if they are complying with their stated purpose and rules, there have also been fraudulent documents that have been found in the system, but that does not mean that all the fraudulent cards have been found. The lower Court has suggested that the President act improperly, but never gave a reason for their stated position.
This column is taking a position that the President would be within his rights to ignore the lower Court’s ruling because the edict was issued in compliance with legislation that had been passed by the U.S. Congress, which means that two Branches of the government are in agreement, and the only one that could overrule them is the U.S. Supreme Court, and if the Supreme Court failed to use Constitutional guide lines, the President could continue to ignore the ruling. Granted there would be cries to impeach the president from the opposition, but that is a political reaction to a position that may be in line with the Constitution. A side point, the lower Court that held up the edict has been overturned eighty percent of the time by the U.S, Supreme Court.
The example cited here is not unique to the upper levels of the Federal government, it’s found in all levels of government, right down to the smallest town government, bureaucratic thinking permeates our government from the top to the bottom. The electorate will have to educate themselves to cull out prospective leaders that rely on rhetoric, that they have no intention of complying with, and select people, regardless of Party, that will apply the principles of the Constitution to resolving the problems that the country’s facing.
We all have a lot of work to do, and we are going to make mistakes along the way, but as soon as the mistakes are noted, they should be corrected. This President has a full plate that is loaded with a number of big problems, and he is trying to address them all at one time, and unlike many of his predecessors’ he is trying to fulfill his promise to the electorate, and he’s being blocked by the Establishment at every turn. The electorate should pay no attention to those that criticize him, and would be more than happy to get back to doing nothing, but promising us everything. The electorate should continue to question the the President’s actions, but use the final results as your guide, not the protestations of the pundits.


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