For Your Consideration: Constitutional Principle Purest I

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Our political leaders have managed to distort the principles of the Nation’s Constitution over the past two centuries, to a point that our Founders would not be able to recognize or find any principles that are the frame work for the Constitution. A majority of our elected officials have little or no concept of the principles that give the Constitution its structure, but they continue to wrap themselves in the Constitution with their rhetoric, which tends to distort the underlining principles even more, A Constitutionalist purest would suggest that evaluating the principles would require giving an ending point to the Constitution, one would have to end the Constitution after the Bill of Rights, or the X Amendment, because it was after that point that parties started to form and Amendments were made that did not follow the principles in the original constitution, a purist would suggest that an Amendment could not violate any of the basic principles in the original Constitution.
What are these basic principles? A purist would suggest that the prime principal should be the importance of an individual’s freedom, because this is what makes our form of government unique over all previous forms of governance, this is not meant to be construed as a group of people, or any other forms of groups. The second principal would suggest that each of the states that makeup the United States is an individual sovereign state. The next principal should be that any action that can be accomplished at the individual’s level, which does not infringe on another’s rights, should be addressed at the individual level; the infractions related to this basic principal are too numerous to mention. The third principle would be that anything that can be addressed at a lower level should be addressed at that level, with as few people needed to accomplish the stated goal.
The forth principle that should be applied is that all the states should have the same weighted value when addressing situations that are impacting outcomes at the Federal level, but even using these four basic principles one finds some contradictions in the original Constitution that needs to be addressed if we are to conform to these basic principles. These are the four basic principles that should be applied when making a ruling.
There are pundits that suggest that the Constitution should be scraped, because it’s out of date, but the principles are remain constant throughout time. The real reason the pundits want to do away with the Constitution is that the document prevents groups from exorcizing power over the individual, this is the best reason for discounting these pundits, and why the Establishment must be opposed at every level. If a person is a purist, they should also be rational, and not expect to see a paradigm shift any time within the next two to three generations, but we should not allow the Establishment to continue in its efforts to dismantle the basic principles of the Nation’s Constitution.
Future articles will address where we have gone counter to these four principles and how those action have lead us into a dictatorship, and has even made it possible to allow for the development of a “Shadow Government” to form, something that needs to be addressed during Trump’s first term in office. The President has a full plate, and the previous administration has planted a lot of mines that need to be disarmed during this administration.
The President is going to need all the help he can get from the electorate if he is going to be successful at accomplishing the things he wants to do, and there are some in the Republican Party that are going to drag their feet because some actions will diminish their power. President Trump should continue his current approach, and not listen to the pundits that are suggesting he stop his current form of communicating with the electorate.


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