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We have only covered Amendment I, and events are happening rapidly, and they are crucial to aspects that need to be understood to prevent any further degradation to the Nations Constitution, so this presentation on Amendment II will be the last Amendment that will be covered for awhile. This Amendment reads: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”
This Amendment does not say anything about hunting, or target practice, but it does recognize the need for each state to have a well regulated militia to maintain the security of the state, it also contends that people had the right to keep and bear arms, and that aspect shall not be infringed. There are a number of facets that need to be understood about the time period they were initiated in, and the importance of these aspects have become even more important in light of the unconstitutional moves the Federal government has made over the centuries.
The first is the fact that the states representatives have given more and more power to the Federal government, which in and of itself goes counter to the intent of the Constitution, the power was intended to be placed in the hands of each individual, not only did the states’ representatives give their states power to the central Federal government away, but in doing so, they also gave away the freedom of the individual.
There has been a move for over a century and a half to disarm the citizenry; part of this was as a result of the War Between the States. There was a wrong that needed to be corrected, and there was a powerful element in the South that was unwilling to change its position related to the equality of an individual, a wrong that was corrected at great cost to the Nation, which regretfully continues to linger with us to this day, as a result of forces
that find it beneficial to continue the divisions for their own gain.
The Federal government made the mistake of reacting negatively to the ownership of arms by individuals, and that prostitution has continued to expand to this day. Some may suggest that this Amendment is even
more relevant today, given the actions that are being taken by the Federal government, that’s if we want to preserve the principles of our Constitution, because our Constitution is being attacked from within by forces in the Federal government.
The nation has always punished irresponsible use of weapons regardless of the shape or form of the implement, and to zero in on guns is illogical, the important point is the act, not the implement.
The government is taking away citizens means of self protection, in some states it has become too costly for a person to own a gun, so we are limiting self protection to the wealthy or connected individuals.
There should be no objection to a person given the opportunity to receive training on the use and care of the weapon he/she has obtained, or when and how the weapon should be used, but this is more to protect the user from going against the laws of the state,
An individual cannot expect a law enforcement officer to be Johnny on the spot to protect each person every time a life is threatened.
This brings up another important point, what a person should do after the threat has been naturalized and before the police arrive, unless you want to get shot by the office that is responding to the incident.
There are a wide variety of issues that need to be addressed objectively, to prevent individuals from obtaining a gun, but this action should be related to an individual’s mental and emotional condition. Some situation may only be temporary, while others may be permanent.
It might also be possible that some restrictions could be applied to other liberties and rights, but the main consideration should be to protect the individual’s right to obtain firearms, while still protecting a reasonable social order. Clearly there is still a lot of work that needs to be accomplished in this area.  


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