For Your Consideration: Don't Blame Trump

By / For Your Consideration / Wednesday, 15 March 2017 04:00

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There is a fair chance that the economy may go south, but it will not be because President Trump’s plan is faulty. This administration can be compared with a salmon swimming upstream to freshwater to spawn; the only difference is that the rapids that the President is trying to navigate is much stronger than what a salmon experiences. The saltwater (swamp) that Trump is trying to get through is full of traps, landmines, and impediments that far exceed what a poor salmon goes through,
The Establishment and all of its diverse institutions are working against the President’s efforts to correct many of the policies that have been eroding the Nation’s potential to be a strong nation that would be an example that other nations could follow. The Founders gave us a Constitution that made our form of governance radically different than any other nation on the face of the Earth, past or present.
Thanks to the procedures that have been established by our political leaders, to enhance their power and control, the individual has continually lost the freedom that our Constitution intended for the individual.
The administration is at a critical point in its efforts to extract the Nation from the quagmire that currently exists. Bureaucratic policies have made it almost impossible to extract ourselves from the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The concerns that many officials have is that some of the actions that are being presented at this time raise doubts that the government is really going to present a system that is less costly, from both the government’s position and the individual’s. The concern is that the new program will be more interested in enhancing institutions’ economic positions, rather than the individual’s. Because of time constraints it’s imperative to assure that there should be no time delays, which would throw our economy into a tailspin.
Our political leaders have shown that they don’t always follow through with the promises they made, and there is some question as to whether the President can exert enough pressure to make them do what they said they were going to do. Given the President’s track record, one may be tempted not to underestimate his ability to make them comply with the promises they and he has made to the nation. If the nation is fortunate enough to make it through this phase, we should evaluate the policies that have made it so difficult to enact a beneficial program. There are too many policies that prevent our elected officials from reacting quickly to actions that were taken, which turned out to be counterproductive. The electorate should expect more from their representatives than they are currently providing, it’s about time they started to work for the benefits that they have carved out for themselves. It would be nice if our elected representatives put half the effort into correcting some of the problems the nation is facing, and it must be remembered that each of these representatives has a staff that is suppose to assist them in the performance of their duties. Our government continues to grow, but it becomes more dysfunctional and costly with each passing year. It’s time to get back to the essentials, and streamline our government, but this cannot be accomplished by the President alone, he’s doing what he can by approaching problems in a manner that is unlike what we have experienced from the government Establishment. Many of the President’s programs are cost effective, in comparison to the methods employed by the Establishment.


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