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It’s suppressing how often the Republican Party is perceived as being more in-line with the Nation’s Constitution, because nothing could be further from the truth, but one would have to have an understanding of our Constitution to know this is not the case, something that is lacking in our culture these days. The Establishment Republican Party is more aligned with the Progressive Democrat Party than most people realize, this is why the Republican Party seldom mounts any strong opposition to many of the actions that are taken by the Democrat Party.
At this point most readers are thinking that the previous statement is absurd, but if we cut through the clutter and look at the end results of the actions taken by both Parties the connections may become more apparent. Certainly the reader has noticed that the government continues to grow, regardless of the Party in charge, and this growth has a cumulative effect on the burden that is placed on the average taxpayer; however, there are select groups that are exempted as a result of tax laws, this is not to suggest that all tax laws are unfair, but there are some that need to be repealed.
The other fact that should be apparent is that the large multinational corporations receive special treatment, to the point that the taxpayers frequently bail them out when they run into trouble, but one never finds this aid being extended to small businesses, most of which are the real backbone of the nation’s economy, unlike the multinationals. This attitude towards the multinational corporations is expressed by both political parties, but many people view this as a position held by the Republican Party.
The electorate has to face the fact that both political parties are open to the concept of globalization, or the acceptance of a one world government, neither Party will admit to this position, but the fact that they go along with the multinational corporations positions, and many of the positions held by the United Nations is tantamount to acknowledging agreement with these views.
These positions are all counter to the basic principles of our Constitution, and one might suggest that this is grounds to impeach every elected political leader given the oath they took when being swan into office, this would go up to the President and members of the United States Supreme Court.
The Establishment political parties are more concerned with maintaining their power, but that is not the intent of our Constitution, because the power is suppose to rest with the individual, not with a political party, select group, or the majority of the population. Our political leader continually cite the Constitution, but they seldom follow the Constitution, and it’s clear that they really don’t understand the Constitution.
The individual has experienced almost two and a half centuries of having their individual rights taken away from them, by their political leaders. The current administration has shown some inclination to correct some of the abuses that the individual has experienced over the centuries, but the administration can only correct a very small amount of the infractions to the Constitution.
Even now the politicians reflect the views of their respective political parties, but there’s no place for political parties in our Constitution, because political parties will always put their power and control over that of the individual’s.
It’s time for each individual to take action to reduce the government cabals’ control over the individual’s rights. This is a fight that is going to take generations, and there will be resistance on a continual basis to the changes. We will have to educate ourselves on the Constitution, and learn how to read our political leaders that twist and distort the intent of our Constitution.


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